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صالون ماجنوليا للشعر والتجميل

Branding and Graphic Design + Social Media Marketing

Magnolia Hair and Beauty Salon offers a range of hair and beauty solutions close to you, using the industry's best products with a personalized care. At Magnolias, they offer high-end services ranging from advanced skin solutions to personalized hair designing.

Prism was chosen by Magnolias to make their presence known using social media as their strongest advertising tool. Their requirement was to create a content bucket that would best work with a salon, design posts in accordance to that, with friendly and relatable copies that would connect to the consumers. They also wanted our social media team to integrate broadcast messages to stay in touch with the consumers and indirectly sell the salon. With so much competition in the beauty and salon business, the challenge was that create catchy offers that lead customers to walk into magnolias.

  • Magnolias Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Branding and Graphic Design + Social Media Marketing
  • Branding and Graphic Design + Social Media Marketing
  • Beauty Industry

As magnolias were starting off as a fresh new start, we had to start everything from scratch. In order to connect with the consumer we first started by creating a social media presence for Magnolias on Facebook as well as on Instagram. We had one thing clear that we needed to have consistency and synergy throughout their page and posts. Our graphic team at Prism started by developing a template which was used across all social media platforms for posting.  The color palette used across all posts were adapted from the logo and it uses pop art where the focus remains on women and their beauty. Through our posts we tried to educate customers of the various services available at magnolias. We also consider Facebook and Instagram promotions. We ran ads and targeted women and especially those living in and around the solon location. This proved to be beneficial as more and more customers living nearby visited the salon. The biggest success was when we came up with a campaign for mother’s day and run promotional ads. Because of that specific campaign, magnolias welcomed new clients daily and were always packed. Our biggest hit on social media for their page was the transformation and before and after images of real people who actually benefited from magnolia’s services. Its out of habit that we look for reviews and rating especially when it comes to putting something on our skin or even getting a haircut. Our team at Prism understood this and assisted magnolias with a complete Google My Business setup. This ensured that there were present on local listings and not only did this help in generating traffic but it helped consumers trust the overall brand.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Branding
  • Graphic Designing
  • Multilingual content calendar (English+ Arabic)
  • Regular social media postings
  • Managing social media engagements
  • Facebook promotions
  • Instagram promotions.
  • Google MyBusiness setup and management.