Web development Trends to look up to in 2021

Web development Trends to look up to in 2021

Latest web development trends compiled by the best web development service provider in Dubai.

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Stuart Morris created the first single-page web browser, slashdotslash.com, in 2002. This site shifted the standard and later influenced the creation of systems such as Angular, Node, and React. Web development's revolutionary innovations have not slowed down in almost two decades. Innovations and developments emerge every year, making websites more social, quicker, and dynamic.

Importance of web development in today’s world

As technology is constantly changing, web developers must keep up with current technologies and events, since it is one of the most important facets of a company's growth.

There are more than 1.74 billion websites on the internet. Companies seem to be vying for the top spot on the search engine results page. The importance of web developers learning and discovering new and creative ways to create websites is that it allows companies to expand rapidly and globally.

Websites are more than just a set of codes; they are the public face of the business. Website architecture, on the other hand, has progressed over time to become more innovative. We now have powerful tools and frameworks that enable us to create good websites without needing to code. Newer industry developments, on the other hand, continue to affect the web development process; these trends provide developers with more dynamic and realistic ways to design and create websites.

Having said that, the web development industry is evolving at a rapid pace, making it critical to match your objectives with the new technologies, strategies, and popular methods to remain competitive. Web development companies are keeping an eye on these evolving trends to be able to stay ahead of the competition.

Web development trends in 2021

We have all seen a dramatic change in web browsers over the years. Since not every browser makes the website correctly, cross-browser compatibility checking is an essential part of the web creation process.

Building on that, we will talk about current web creation developments and how they will change in 2021 in this blog. So, let us strap in and take a deep dive into the future of web development:

1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs (progressive web apps) are not a new trend this year. However, the technology has attracted the interest of modern developers and advertisers due to its ability to provide a high-quality user interface that is comparable to that of a native app.

In 2019, mobile devices accounted for 65 %of all online shopping orders placed via the website. Users can visit their favorite websites on a mobile web browser or a desktop device without having to download special applications or computer programs, thanks to the growing popularity of PWA websites. HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular can be used to build PWAs in 2021.PWA can deliver push alerts and provide users with offline access to cached content, in addition to providing a better user interface and eliminating the need for programs.

Who would profit from the new website technologies? E-commerce, news channels, businesses with limited development budgets, and those who want to hit a larger audience without missing them at the app installation stage should pay close attention right now. It is also accurate that PWAs have the potential to alter money algorithms in the App Store and Google Play Market, where paying users can split profits with app aggregators.

2. Bots and Artificial Intelligence 

What does the future hold for web development? Many people expect that in the coming year, bots will become more self-learning and will be able to quickly match a user's interests and actions. As a result, bots that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be able to replace service managers and save money for many businesses.

Official page chatbots inside Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype are only a few examples of how large B2C businesses are now using the platform to serve their clients. A bot may be inserted in a PWA, a standard website, technological or household appliances, or any commercially developed Internet-connected app.

The growth of bots will have an impact on web design trends, especially in terms of user experience. The major advancement of AI and machine learning technologies has resulted in a market for virtual assistant designs, which are concerned not only with the visual interface or product serving algorithms but also with sound design.

The most significant benefits of AI-based bots are their ability to solve problems around the clock, human-like experience, and extensive customer behavior analytics.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Another web creation theme is Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP). It aims to improve page efficiency and reduce the likelihood of a user leaving it. The AMP technology is similar to the PWA technology. The difference is that pages are faster thanks to an open-source plugin created by Twitter and Google recently.

In comparison to full-featured web products, AMPs are streamlined websites that can run quickly and have a simple and convenient interface with only minimal functionality. Such pages are also mobile-friendly, with always-readable text.

The Internet is becoming more user-oriented, as evidenced by new web design trends such as AMP growth. Even though we already have 5G Internet technologies and that most marketers choose to create native applications to improve any mobile interface, the AMP plugin allows businesses to save money on UX to access consumers at any Internet speed. As a result, smaller and specialized products would be able to compete effectively with industry leaders.

4. Single Page Application (SPA)

With today's high-speed Internet standards, there is no reason to cling to a method in which any action on the page, such as clicking on different keys, results in a new web page being accessed from a computer.

As JavaScript frameworks are becoming more popular, SPAs are also becoming more popular. Intercepting specific browser events and requesting JSON makes it seem as though you are dealing with a web application. That includes Google accounts like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps, as well as social networking sites like Facebook. According to current web patterns, the majority of functional websites will be built as SPAs in the future.

Why do 2021 developers want the SPA approach? SPAs have a better chance of keeping users' attention because they seem to operate quickly — SPAs provide users with immediate reviews, while standard pages require users to wait for the website to fully download. Single-page websites often need fewer resources and do not need any server-side JavaScript (API technology).

5. Voice Search Optimization

The future of web production seems to be less text-heavy and more vocal, and it is not just about virtual multifunctional home assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Amazon's Alexa. By 2021, more than half of all smart and IoT products will be able to hear and respond to voice commands. They will also be able to understand various people's voices and have a tailored AI-based experience for all.

What is IoT? The internet of things, or IoT, is a network of interconnected electronic systems, mechanical and digital computers, organisms, creatures, and individuals with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transmit data without having human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Voice search is one of the examples of technology that has been in use for more than a decade. People in 2022 would prefer to waste less time typing commands because computers will be able to comprehend them. As a result, several businesses are now trying to figure out how to make their

physical and digital services more voice search and command friendly. By the end of 2022, voice assistants are expected to be in 55% of all homes worldwide.

Voice-activated self-standing devices and voice optimization for regular web pages and applications are the newest developments in web development. Voice search optimization, which is aided by AI, is useful to both end-users and owners. For starters, it saves time and encourages the customer to place more orders (online shopping and services). Second, technology allows you to multitask. Third, it increases consumer satisfaction by assisting them in keeping up with the routine. Finally, voice usage is a useful tool for analyzing user behavior.

Web development Trends to look up to in 2021

 6. Motion UI

innovation Web design is yet another popular trend in the digital world. Year after year, startups place a greater emphasis on customer experience and devote less time to aesthetics. Beautifully designed websites and games, on the other hand, have a better chance of being seen by new consumers and going viral. In this context, graphic design becomes a marketing tool rather than an engineering problem.

 7. MVPs will remain minimalistic in 2021.

Experts predict that new architecture approaches such as motion UI will be in high demand.

While motion user interface design has been prominent since 2018, SASS libraries technology has only recently made it accessible to all smartphone users. Motion UI improves the usability and clarity of multimedia devices. Custom animation integration and CSS transitions driven by stand-alone libraries of several groups of animated elements are part of the solution. Through their assistance, engineers waste less time on digital product development and product owners save money.

The motion future of web design seems to be appealing in 2021 because SASS libraries are flexible, simple to use for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and highly responsive. Motion UI is also a tried and true method of capturing consumers' interest, making it useful for those developing products for crowded markets.

 8. Automation Testing

Most new web technologies tend to reduce production costs while providing the highest possible user experience. The method for achieving the first goal is development stage automation. Machine learning and AI approaches enable us to design complex projects with a small team or less development expertise, while product test automation assists us in determining whether or not our product is ready for deployment.

The technique further assists the development team in collecting and learning from test scenarios, lowering development costs (up to 20%), and shortening the test cycle period in general. In other words, test automation allows you to produce a higher-quality result while spending fewer resources.

Why is the most recent web development technology, such as test automation, so critical in 2021? The reason is that the new world is becoming more competitive. You will only win if you are quicker than your opponents and your product is of higher quality.

9. JavaScript Frameworks

Though JavaScript was not developed yesterday, it is now one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, making any breakthrough in this area highly debated. New website developments in 2021 will include the growth and advancement of JavaScript frameworks.

JavaScript frameworks began an effort to standardize the language and build a user-friendly frontend ecosystem. JavaScript platforms will provide UX, UI, testing, and product tech management dimensions by 2021. The use of frameworks would be focused on ready-made modules that one will need to compose when working on a website.

Technically, JavaScript frameworks are still application frameworks built for the JavaScript programming language and focused on the integration of libraries (both visual and functional). This web trend has many advantages. Immediate feedback to users without the need for page reloads, high reliability and speed, and coding simplicity are only a few of them.

Keep in mind that current JavaScript frameworks vary from older versions in several ways. The most notable enhancements are built-in HTML templating, composed-based design, computational power, and system support. Vue, React, and Angular frameworks, on the other hand, will remain the most common products of their kind in 2021.

10. Serverless Applications and Architecture

What does the future hold for web development? The quest for a way to prevent device overloading, data loss, and expensive development led to server less technology. Server less algorithms, which are supported by major vendors such as AWS, were recently developed as a cloud-computing execution model. Standard servers could be replaced by clouds that handle device resource utilization

Current Platform developments related to the server less application architecture help cut costs for creation and maintenance, enhance applications with flexibility potential and maintain a more sustainable Internet environment. The technology relies on the use of function as a service (FaaS).

Chatbots, IoT applications, products that include complicated backend requests, and APIs are all expected to use serverless technologies in 2021. Downloading files, backups, notification delivery, and object export are some of the most popular server less activities. In 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS Lambda), Google Cloud (Google Functions), and Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions) will still be the main service providers.

11. Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies aren't the only recent advancement in web development. They were first proposed in 2004, and three years after, the crypto exchange market (based on blockchain technology) was explored with investments. What should we anticipate in the year 2021? Many people believe that the official authorities cannot disregard blockchain currency trade. Over the last decade, their use has exploded, and large financial networks have begun to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Globally, over 34 million blockchain wallets were in use in 2019. Blockchain technology also necessitates hardware and software support, as well as legal regulation and trading networks. As a result, new web platforms are expected to cover those aspects in the coming year. Hacker attacks and technical mistakes should not be allowed to affect blockchain operations. Major banks are working on algorithms to protect sensitive consumer data to make crypto trading as safe as normal currency trading.

12. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is a network of interconnected machines that conduct operations and produce valuable results with little or no input from users. IoT growth will influence some web development trends in 2021.

We should expect a certain need for technologies that can level up security on automatic IoT communications next year, given that it is predicted that there will be about 30 billion Internet devices running in 2025.

Another factor to remember for next year is the growing promise of the Internet of Things. The capacity of the Internet of Things to make human everyday life simpler or more comfortable is the primary explanation for its existence and growth. We may become less overburdened with routine activities as a result of payment automation, smart home and smart city technologies, and the advancement of e-health environments, allowing us to focus our cognitive energy on more difficult tasks.

Transportation, healthcare, housekeeping, and marketing are expected to be major IoT niches in 2021. New web design (UX) trends will be shaped by changes in the IoT environment. Voice interface programming and new approaches to big data architecture are expected.

13. Mobile-First Development

In 2021, there will be far more handheld devices than conventional personal computers, and mobile and tablet devices currently account for up to 54 % of traffic. As a result, it is no shock that web design patterns favor narrow handheld screens over horizontally designed desktops.

Mobile-first development is a concept in which you start thinking about your product with the mobile screen and other mobile hardware features like productivity and physical button positioning in mind. In other words, instead of working on a desktop-oriented site and then modifying it for smartphones, begin with a light, typically minimalistic, and intuitive product that is simple to communicate with on a mobile device.

The following are the latest web design trends for 2021: provide content with no decorative irrelevant features, minimize page number and stop using columns, use triggers for a mobile-oriented call to action (for example, online calls), use vibrant colors, basic geometric shapes, contrasting color schemes, and graphics. It is also important to note that Google has had different search ranking algorithms for mobiles since 2018, with mobile-first pages being prioritized.

14. Responsive Websites (RWD)

You can not talk about website trends for 2021 without mentioning responsive websites. The idea was proposed more than 5 years earlier, at a time when mobile devices were rapidly increasing in value. Any second search request in 2019 is made by a smartphone device, so developers and designers should put extra work into polishing their apps and making them useful for consumers in both desktop and mobile formats.

There are three solutions to the problem. The concept is to make a mobile-first website and convert it to desktop, a mobile-friendly website that looks the same on mobile and desktop displays, or invest in responsive web design (RWD) and use the same HTML code with CSS to dynamically change the rendering on your website. The RWD approach is expected to gain a lot of traction in 2021

The reason you need a mobile-friendly website is that it is the only way to get proper search engine indexing. Your competitiveness is also influenced by proper indexing. Web design and development service providers are making sure that the websites they are creating are responsive because it has grown to become one of the core ranking factors as well.

In 2021, it is also time to abandon the distinction between desktop and mobile versions (different content and stand-alone management) and instead focus on universal code for all types of devices.

15. Push Notifications

Could push notifications be called a passing fad in web design, or are they brand new web design trends? Notifications will be used in web apps as well as mobile apps by 2021. Furthermore, they would become yet another effective method for capturing users' interest, the user engagement rates, and also providing desktop users with the same form of interface they previously only had on mobile devices.

Facebook, global news platforms, Google Mail, and other major players in the industry have also integrated the technology into their web apps. Small and medium-sized enterprises are likely to adopt push notifications next year. Simultaneously, instant notifications are expected to supplant certain forms of customer communication, such as email.

The future of web development in terms of feedback in web apps is expected to place a greater focus on ready-to-use solutions such as notification plugins and browser push notification tools that can be quickly integrated into existing blogs, online shopping sites, and other services.

To put it another way, technology can become more affordable and open to a broader range of customers.

16. Cybersecurity and GPDR

Why is cybersecurity so important in the year 2021? The argument is that we are automating an increasing number of routine tasks with Internet-connected devices. And there is often a chance of our data being hacked as we conduct operations such as internet purchases, exchanging personal data when buying tickets or paying taxes, or even setting up our smart homes and multimedia systems.

By 2024, the cybersecurity market is expected to be worth more than $300 billion. What are the most up-to-date website cybersecurity technologies? First, we should anticipate the development of algorithms to secure users from phishing attacks in 2021. This type of cybercrime is possible for reputable sites and page simulations (such as bank account entry), in which visitors are asked to fill out forms with security numbers or sensitive information.

The most recent advancement in web development is the development of privacy policies such as the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe. The document, which has the status of international law, imposes a fine on Internet product owners who gather user data in an unsecured manner, as well as sell or retain user information without first obtaining consent from the user. Local privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), will be implemented in the United States in 2021.

This is it for today. I hope you liked it and learned something out of it. Do share it with your friends so that they can learn as well. If you have any queries related to web development, contact Prism, the best website development agency in Dubai. Thank you and Goodbye.

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