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Prism Digital is the best video production agency in Dubai. Whether you’re a business startup or an established brand, video content has the power to transform your presence in the world. This is especially true when it comes to digital marketing where video content has been taking over for a while and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Prism Digital is well equipped to bring out the true essence of your brand with high quality video content, tailored to attract your target audience.

Looking for impressive corporate video for your company or a fun and creative video for your social media? Do you want your videos to have a Wow Effect? Are you launching a new restaurant or shop and want killer Video visuals for your social media? You have come to the right place.

Prism has been the leading video production agency in the UAE since 2006. We have created more than 1000 corporate audio-visuals since we launched in 2006. We have worked with nearly all the leading Media Companies in the Middle East creating TV advertisements, TV serials, Web Episodes, for more than 100 clients in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Prism is an online multimedia production company that provides every client with unique and custom-made video advertising campaigns for projects from corporate films for insurance and Oil and Gas Companies to Food showcases for Restaurants or event show reels for event and exhibition companies. We believe in bringing a cinematic touch to all our projects. Our key differentiator lies in our quality and creative approach towards each and every project that we undertake.

Some of the services Prism provides as a professional Video Production Company are:

Corporate Videos

Either you are a billion-dollar company with 1000's of employees or a start-up with just ten employees, you need to communicate your core values and the services you provide to your clients. A Corporate Video is the easiest way to communicate all you need to market about your company in the shortest span of 1-3 mins. It needs to have all the elements of a professionally made film. It needs to have a crisp story line, stunning graphics, smooth editing, and flamboyant music that capture your audience's imagination.

Sales and Training Videos

It’s a fact, accept it …. Training videos are officially the most boring audio-visuals to watch. If you are a trainer, you know how difficult it is to hold the attention of your class whether it is a soft skills training seminar for your senior management or a language training course for your salespeople overseas. The most challenging part of conducting a training seminar is to keep your audience engaged for an extended period. With companies spread out geographically across the world, it is very expensive to manage training with multilingual and multicultural teams spread across the globe. We create crisp and entertaining sales and training snippets for corporate clients like banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies. We also help companies manage international training by facilitating online meetings and training. We can cater all of your state of the art Sales and Training audio-visual requirements.

Social Media Ads

Social Media is officially the best way to reach to your audience and Video advertising on social media is the best way to convince your audience to take action on your ad. Whether you are selling products online or selling services to a new market, a social media snippet ad opens your business up to new markets. But there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when you are creating a social media ad. You need to see if it is of the correct style for your product; you also need to test your video across different audiences to see if it works. At Prism, we take care of all the social media video production services in Dubai, including creating your media with amazing graphics, animations, music, and crisp call to action voice overs. We also edit it as per the specification of the different platforms you want to advertise on. For example, for social media stories on Facebook, you need a vertical orientation while for Instagram, you need a horizontal and square video. Since Prism is a social media agency that manages a lot of social media advertising for several clients across the Middle East, we also test your ads with different audiences before we give it to you for usage, so we know that it works.

Viral Youtube Videos

YouTube is the world largest video streaming service which serves more than 3 billion audio-visual plays every day to more than a billion users in every country of the world each day. YouTube Advertising is one of the best ways to communicate with your audiences, especially if they are in the 18-50 age bracket. It is also one of the most powerful tools to get your corporate or brand message across to your audiences. But you need to be very clever about creating your video. After all, you have millions of other well-made media to compete with.

Whether you are launching a particular product in a country or running a cross country promotion for a series of products, this advertising help you communicate seamlessly to all of your audiences. Our video production services help you create multimedia that speak volumes in just a few seconds. They have got more than 15 million views on our videos to date, and our views are continually growing. So if you want to create a YouTube campaign that can stand out and beat your competition at its own game by going viral, we’ve got your back.

Live Streaming Videos 

Live streaming is an extension of video marketing. Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage your audience and get them to participate in your event or seminar. Producing a professionally created and curated live stream event takes a lot more than just getting a couple of staff to stand in a corner and live stream off a mobile phone.

Prism is a live stream video production company. Our services include shooting on professional cameras, using drones, jolly jib cranes, and professional lighting to create a live stream that stands out. We have live streamed product launches, created closed loop circuit TV launches for Hotel guests inside a hotel complex, press conferences for companies that are unveiling products and services to customers across different geographies and much more.

Corporate event shooting with Live Edit.

Since video is now an integral part of your marketing mix, your corporate events in Dubai need to be captured professionally to get out the best effect and memories. Since live events are extremely difficult to manage, it is important to capture every moment of the event and edit it live so that your audience watching the event at home or on his mobile via live streaming has the full effect and is completely immersed. Prism has its own crew that are experts in film production and live event shooting. We use our live edit stations, cranes and moving camera rigs to make your event come alive. We can also do multi-rig setup and live edit for the other video production companies that do have their equipment. Get in touch with us today, we can make your event come alive.

Ad film shooting and Drone shooting:

The Prism Video Team has shot over 1000 TVCs in the last 15 years. We have an entire TV crew including directors, art production, camera light, and sound crew as well as a state of the art editing studio in-house. When we create a TVC, we create a script and storyboard for you to approve, and once that is approved; we help you select the best actors and models for the shoot. We also help you with finding the best locations and negotiating the best deals with other production companies for your TVC. Have a look at our portfolio to see some of the best work for yourself.

Audio-visual content for Social Media Management:

They consist of a certain style of videos to draw the interest of the customer and drive them to the page or to respond to your ad. They are capable of engaging with your customer within a short period. They are not longer than 15 to 30 seconds for platforms like YouTube. We create 1-2-minute snippets that are long enough to be informative and explain your product or service but short enough to be crisp and engaging to a customer that is used to scrolling over content they don't connect with.

Most of the audio-visuals we have created, on an average have about 1million views; do have a look at the social media videos we have created on our Portfolio section.

Prism is a creative Video Production Agency.

Working with us to create your corporate audio-visual consists of a simple process. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us on 043827862, and we take care of the rest. Many companies play their corporate film on their website, so the value of the film needs to be stellar. You can also play your corporate film on a TV monitor while you participate in events.

Our Video Production Process

professional Video Production Company by Prism Digital

Recce of the site Develop creatives Create storyboards/scripts Scout Locations and get   and Plan the shoot Production


Camera and Lighting Setup Shoot Direction Planning the lighting and sound setup Ensuring the shoot executes on point and all raw footage is stored properly

Best Video Production Agency in Dubai
Editing And Post Production

Editing Creating 2D and 3D Graphics Motion Graphic  Creation of the first draft for the client.

A Creative Video Production Agency in Dubai

Editing and Finalizing as per Feedback Sound Design and Mixing Voice Over/ Special Effects Final Graphics and Text Overlay.

Our Testimonials

MB Consultancy  testimonial for Prism Advertising

Prism Digital is one of the best agencies I have had to work with. they are proactive and they take the time to understand your business before offering your solutions that will grow your business. our leads have increased three-fold because of the digital marketing, PR, and SEO activities that they execute for us.

Business Development Director
MB Consultancy

Why is Prism’s Video Production Services awesome ?

  • Great content is custom-made: No matter what story you have in mind, we will help you tell it in a way that is solely you!
  • We understand: Before putting out any ideas on paper, we take a proper look on what we are trying to accomplish. Only by truly understanding our goals, we can determine the key insights that drive qualitative outcomes.
  • Focus on your audience: The content we create isn’t for us, neither for you. We treat your customer as ours. The apt idea is the one that gets your potential customers to take an action towards your product/ service.
  • Great planning= Great execution: Thorough planning and attention to detail is what Prism is all about. We take care of the details so our clients can focus on what they do best!

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