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Features For Enhance Your Ecommerce Site Experience

When the terrible COVID-19 epidemic struck, people began shopping online, which caused a surge in eCommerce. People's attention switched to eCommerce portals when storefronts shuttered. Whatever the case, this surge represents the new future, and companies should seize this opportunity by getting in touch with the best web designing agency in Dubai!

It is easy to create an eCommerce website, but it takes work to make it profitable for you. An eCommerce business can be as simple as a one-product store with the goal of establishing authority and becoming a one-dish millionaire. Or it may be a huge, multilingual, multi-regional marketplace that operates across many different domains.

A small business can begin with a simple eCommerce platform and gradually add more features as it expands. The must-have eCommerce elements, however, cannot be disregarded because they are essential for operating the online business. Since we are dealing with a virtual environment, it is difficult to persuade customers to buy. You might have to invest in design to make the essential selling points stand out.

So, without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of features that might turn your eCommerce website into a consumer favorite.

User-friendly Navigation

Today's shoppers have quite a short attention span. Therefore, it's critical to capture their interest and attention as quickly as possible. They won't stay on your website for very long if they can't find what they need there. Furthermore, their odds of purchasing something decrease dramatically. eCommerce websites may benefit from a user-friendly and practical navigation tool to retain visitors and increase sales.

Make sure these menus are easily accessible. You can place them on top to increase visibility.

It is easier to navigate when products are divided into groups and categories. This is why you must update your product to organized classes and categories. This makes it simple for a potential consumer to search for the desired product. Search engines rank websites more quickly when they are neat, well-designed, and responsive.

Therefore, if you want to rank on the top page of your preferred search engine, this should be your initial course of action. Connecting with PRISM DIGITAL might be your best choice if you are seeking a committed team for web design in Dubai.


E-commerce websites use a hybrid approach to digital marketing that focuses mostly on SEO and social media. If you want to get traffic from search engines, you must be mobile-friendly because it is a key ranking indicator. However, you must also optimize the business with a mobile responsive design in order to get leads from social media. It is no longer just a trend or recommended practice; it is now mandatory.

High-quality Photography

Humans interact more with images and visuals than with words. Visual presentations may provide your e-commerce website's clients with a better feeling of the brand's quality and reliability. A website's picture quality and visual design are considered by almost half of shoppers at eCommerce platforms when determining a brand's reputation.

On eCommerce sites, 93% of customers base their final purchase decisions on a product's image. Thus, having high-quality product images might be your main conversion factor.

While you're at it, make sure your eCommerce website's graphic additions don't cause your pages to load slowly.

An Easy Purchase Path

eCommerce websites should work to remove any potential website obstacles in order to increase conversion. Your call to action should be obvious and appealing enough to encourage them to click. Make sure to utilize catchy, succinct phrases like "Add To Cart" or "Purchase Now." Additionally, for better visibility, make sure the button's color contrasts with its surroundings.

But it's not simply the Buy button that matters. 69% of all eCommerce users often leave their shopping carts empty before checking out. Most of these abandonments are unavoidable. A large portion of people who add things to their carts are still weighing their options and aren't prepared to make a purchase. Provide many payment alternatives, let customers check out as a guest, and delete or collapse any unnecessary form fields.

Customer Support

You successfully persuaded your consumer to buy your goods or service. But what now? How can you make sure your consumers keep coming back for more? How would you keep them around? The trick is to make sure your eCommerce website has dependable customer support. The best eCommerce sites include support features that are simple to use and provide end-to-end assistance.

To ensure that customer service is accessible, businesses must include information such as phone numbers, links, or chat access on the website's contact page. This increases consumer confidence by demonstrating to them that your company values them and is always available to meet their demands.

Make sure you have a Web Design Company in Dubai like us to analyze your website. This will help with effective feature integration.

Product Reviews

Before making a purchase, almost all of us who buy online check reviews. Additionally, we are three times more inclined to purchase a product with reviews than one with none at all. Your clients will hunt for product reviews elsewhere if you don't have any on your website. Display your product reviews next to your items to prevent visitors from leaving your website.

Prominently Displayed Search Interface

A trustworthy eCommerce website features a highly responsive search box that is made to offer helpful ideas. These on-site search boxes of this kind make it easier for customers to find the goods they want quickly. This is a great technique to meet the demands of a consumer who is busy and doesn't have time to browse the entire website in search of a certain item.

Include blog articles and FAQs in your search results, but make sure the page is more than simply a collection of links. You should use the search results page as a chance to offer more compelling material associated with your search.

While it may be tempting to select your product reviews and just present the finest, this might backfire. Products with an average star rating of 4.7 - 5.0 are less likely to be purchased than those with a rating of 4.2 - 4.7, implying that buyers are less inclined to trust the review process's authenticity if all reviews are exceptionally favorable.

FAQ section

FAQs are a collection of frequently asked questions or issues that users may have. You may create the list, respond to each one in a thorough and satisfying manner, and then present the results on a separate page. If you're doing it for the first time, you should come up with answers to every query that could cross your potential client's mind.

An eCommerce website's essential characteristics include writing FAQs, designating a page to them, and projecting them on other sites. It raises credibility, trust, and user engagement.

Features to make Ecommerce Site Experience Great

Simple Return Policy

Delivery and returns information is important for a brand's website since it facilitates the customer's trust-building process with the brand.

Your clients will feel more secure making a purchase from your website if you offer a simple return option. It's even more crucial that you can clearly explain how products may be returned if your business doesn't have physical locations where a consumer can try the product out for themselves.

Make sure your consumers are aware of the free or simple return solutions. Include this information in your welcome bar and make reference to it on various product pages. Also, don't forget to expand on it in the FAQ part of your website.

Product Recommendations

If you've ever done any online shopping, you have probably browsed the related products section. These recommendations can be a vital step in raising your company's total revenues. Product Recommendations feature encourages your consumers to learn about comparable items for a current or upcoming purchase in addition to making them buy more from you. This makes it easier to sell accessories and related goods.

Before making a purchase, the majority of clients frequently browse the website. Product recommendations can assist people to meet their needs, particularly if they weren't aware of them. Additionally, it improves the user experience, which raises the likelihood that they will return.

Many businesses now provide customized suggestions by asking customers to complete a few questions via a quiz or calculator. The items recommended are based on the needs of the consumers specifically, offering a more individualized experience that increases conversion rates.

Multiple Payment Portals

Customers adore browsing websites that provide a wide variety of payment methods while looking for their favorite goods or services. Customers are using cell phones to purchase more frequently now. Because of this, it's critical for businesses and brands to incorporate a secure mobile payment solution.

Customers are now choosing mobile wallets because they provide increased security, easy accessibility, and profitable choices like offers, discounts, or coupons.

Merchants can notice increased customer onboarding by incorporating the newest and finest payment options. This leads to a higher ROI for one's company. The payment choices available through many channels can be consolidated by mobile wallets like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Android Pay. This facilitates a simple, secure, and practical payment method.

Rewards For Loyalty

According to statistics, it might cost up to 5 times as much to bring in new consumers as it does to keep an existing one. Furthermore, it's very probable that your current consumer will make another purchase. The second purchase typically occurs 16 days after the first one. Additionally, the overall expense is larger than the first one.

A rewards program can also be a successful strategy for encouraging customers to stick with your brand and return to your store.

There are two kinds: loyalty and recommendation. Customers can earn points or something similar toward a future purchase through loyalty programs, which also raises the average order value. Referral programs provide discounts in return for giving you consumers and expanding your clientele. Depending on your products and target market, you will need to choose one over the other, although they can both be used in tandem.

Encryption and Security

Online shoppers are dubious about the security of their financial and personal information. They are apprehensive to divulge information to an eCommerce website that is not protected or does not have security indicators. Use the following security steps to earn their faith in your website.

Show stock availability

Your target users must finish the entire trip to reach the cart page. Before checking it out, they spend time browsing the web and choosing products. In order to avoid disappointment, you must make sure to mention it is available directly on the landing page.

For an eCommerce website, sold and available product units are essential aspects. It saves them a ton of time because they could think about visiting the website again or inquire about the restocking period. You can enhance their experience by setting a restocking window for all out-of-stock goods.

Several ways to get in touch

A typical Contact Us website has a straightforward form where users must enter their email and any other information they feel is relevant. Most consumers are hesitant to provide their email addresses because it is a time-consuming contact method.

Include a chatbot with pre-programmed queries and responses. The users click a query to receive a prompt response. Setting up a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that allows consumers to ask any question and then projects the most pertinent response from the database is another way to improve customer service.


You may expect to witness constant and dependable growth in your eCommerce business if you keep these suggestions in mind. The secret is to be consistent and diligent. Even if it appears that the solutions are not functioning, there may just be a delay.

Don't rush the procedure. Hire a reputable eCommerce web design firm in Dubai, such as PRISM DIGITAL, to make sure everything is set up. Contact us at 04-332-0808 to find out how we can help you change your online store!

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