Foolproof Ways to Find the Right Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

Find the Right Instagram Influencers

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Instagram continues to be the most popular social media channel for influencer marketing for another year. According to Linqia's latest State of Influencer Marketing report, 93 % of marketers believe Instagram is the ideal social media platform for influencer marketing. In addition to the regular Instagram newsfeed, 73% use Instagram Stories, and 37% use Instagram Reels to reach their target audiences through influencers.

Choosing between Instagram and other social media platforms is only the first step. You won't obtain the outcomes you want on any platform or social network until you have the correct influencers.

As little as two years ago, you could throw up your hands and say, "I'm just not sure how to find the best influencer for my brand." But no more!

Find out how by4 easy ways, you can find the best Instagram influencers that will put your products in front of millions! Consider your business objectives before checking for the influencer's key data, like engagement rate and the number of followers. Consider why and how you plan to employ Instagram influencer marketing campaigns.

Purpose of Collaborating With Influencers

What precise goals do you have in mind when it comes to influencer marketing?

The following are the three primary objectives:

  • Increasing brand recognition.
  • Making sales or generating leads.
  • Increasing the number of Instagram followers you have.

The influencer you choose will be determined by these goals. For example, boosting your Instagram followers would require the creation of competitions or quizzes that use a specific hashtag. Bringing in an influencer who can take part in the competition and inspire his or her followers to do the same is a good idea.

Sales and lead generation, on the other hand, will necessitate the usage of affiliate marketing and discount codes. As a result, you'll need to work with influencers whose followers are inclined to buy your goods. The influencer should be a good fit for your brand's personality, or at the very least the things you intend to market.

Influencer Who Reflects Brand Purpose

Your campaigns will have a low ROI if there is no brand cohesion.Finding an influencer who closely reflects your brand requires a thorough understanding of your influencer campaign goals.

For example, to market low-cost travel gear, an influencer who is recognized for traveling on a budget would be the best pick.

Hiring a model who gives beauty advice is a waste of time.

Sperry, a boat shoe company, collaborated with over 100 micro-influencers who were already sharing high-quality photographs of Sperry's products on social media.The micro-influencers were photographed in high-altitude scenic settings in the majority of the photos.

Canon had previously relied on professional photographers to drive their latest Instagram developments. However, thinking outside the box, the firm has begun to work with next-generation Instagrammers such as filmmaker Elise Bauman to market their products on the platform.

Digital marketing experts in Dubai and around the world believe that despite having fewer followers, some influencers provide better engagement due to their sector knowledge. American Express, on the other hand, promotes its brand on Instagram with a mix of mega- and micro-influencers.

Jim Meehan (@mixography), an award-winning mixologist, is one of the #AmexAmbassador campaign's active niche influencers. On Instagram, he promotes the brand alongside celebrities such as basketball player Paul George (@ygtrece) of the Los Angeles Clippers and fashion and travel influencer Leo Chan (@levitatestyle).

During their frequent trips, all of these influencers use American Express services.

Seek genuine engagement.

One of the most important KPIs in Instagram influencer marketing is engagement. In 2021, an Instagram influencer's average engagement rate was around 3%, with influencers with less than 1,000 followers having the highest engagement rate of 8%.

As the number of followers grows, the engagement rate decreases. However, this metric can be deceiving at times, as popularity does not always equate to conversions. You must first establish whether or not the engagement is genuine.

Analyze the feedback

The HBO documentary "Fake Famous" in 2021 elevated three non-famous people with less than 2,500 followers to tens of thousands, namely Dominique Druckman (@dominiquedruckman), Chris Bailey (@chrisvsmyself), and Wylie Heiner (@wylezzz), to raise awareness of the fake engagement problem.

To get advantages from sponsors, later on, they employed strategies like purchasing bots and setting up bogus "all-expenses-paid" photoshoots. There's a good chance you'll come across some bogus influencers.

Analyzing comments on the influencer's posts is one of the easiest methods to tell if they're real or not. Vague comments like "great shot," "amazing dress," or "looking good," as well as emoticons, are usually indicators of a fake engagement. Relevant and conversational comments, on the other hand, are an indication of genuine engagement, which leads us to the next point.

Look for Word-of-Mouth Reactions

Genuine followers ask inquiries, make personal statements, and comment with their friends. These are actual followers' word-of-mouth reactions. Only via this form of interaction can fresh leads and sales be generated.

Find Relevant Hashtags For Brand

It's preferable to recruit Instagrammers who are currently discussing your business or items. They could be the next brand ambassadors for your company.

In this case, some hashtag research may be beneficial.

Avoid High-Density Hashtags

Hashtags are similar to keywords in terms of SEO. You'll come across a number of terms with a high density. These are the most popular Instagram hashtags. Using these keywords to hunt up influencers is a waste of time, even if they are relevant If you start your search with #organic, for example, you'll have to sift through more than 54 million results.

However, the quantity of postings decreases as you delve deeper into long-tail (or low density) hashtags. In this scenario, there are 338,491 posts on #organicfoods, 14,054 posts on #organicfoodstore, and just 66 posts on #organicfoodchicago. #organicfoods and #organicfoodstore will both give you more precise search results. There are too few posts on #organicfoodchicago to be considered for influencer search.

Use Appropiate keywords

You can also use keywords that characterize your brand or target audience to begin your search. To locate influencers, look for tags with a large number of posts. Start your hashtag search with #running if you're selling running or jogging equipment, and Instagram will suggest the most popular and relevant hashtags. To find influencers who cater to a specific niche, use hashtags like #runningmama, #runninggirl, and #runningcoach.

Use The Hashtags #sponsored or #ad

Influencers must also use the hashtags #sponsored or #ad to distinguish promotional content on Instagram. You can use these hashtags to track prospective influencers in your industry. You can look through your followers or the followers of your competitors to discover who is using the #sponsored or #ad hashtags. If they're using it, they're already familiar with the concept of influencer marketing. You can approach them and request that they endorse your product.

Influencer Marketing Facts

Influencer Marketing Platform

All of these approaches are laborious and time-consuming, despite their utility. Fortunately, you can locate the proper influencers with only a few clicks using an influencer marketing platform.

HYPR, Tap Influence, Upfluence, Famebit, NeoReach, Revfluence, and Influencer are a few of the most popular. Here are a few reasons why you should look for a good influencer marketing platform.

Locate the Right Influencers

You can use many characteristics to find the most acceptable influencers in your fields, such as the number of followers, the type of followers (demographics), and work experience.

Management of the entire campaign

These platforms can also be used to handle one or more of your influencer marketing campaigns. Through one platform, you can manage campaign components such as advertisement text, images, hashtags, social media mentions, giveaway details, influencer payouts, and the entire campaign chronology.

Influencer marketing is gaining traction, especially on Instagram. Only the appropriate influencer, on the other hand, can help you succeed. So, you should concentrate your efforts on finding the ideal match for your company.


This is it for today’s blog. I hope you liked it and that you’ve learned a few things about finding the right influencers for your brand. Now if you are a brand owner and you want to collaborate with Influencers to market your brand, contact Prism Digital, the best Influencer marketing agency in Dubai and our marketing experts will assist you in building, launching, and managing effective influencer marketing campaigns to reach out and convert unlimited loyal customers. See you on the other side. Thank you.

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