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Grow your social following with a leading Instagram Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world today, with more than 1 billion active users every month. After Facebook, it is the second most engaged networking platform. This social media platform is widely popular amongst the millennial and people in the age group of between 18 and above. From an advertising perspective, paid ads on this platform, offers SMEs  wide options for promoting their brand and since it is backed by the same advertising engine that runs Facebook, Instagram marketing gives you the same kind of metrics and ROI just as Facebook.

Instagram marketing services offer brands an opportunity to launch tailor-made content marketing campaigns so as to match their respective business objectives. If you are looking for a platform to generate leads, boost engagement, and drive sales this is the best marketing platform to invest in. In order to run ad on this platform, users get a variety of options to choose from based on your ultimate goals and requirements. Although this process may sound pretty simple one mistake can cause a lot of loss of money as well as brand reputation. Therefore, it is advised to partner with an Instagram marketing agency such as Prism. As a social media marketing agency, we possess immense knowledge in this field of advertising and can help you strategize and set up campaigns that are sure to drive results.

Instagram ads are evolving with time and are a great way to reach and target people who matter the most to you and your business. There are a lot of options when it comes to Instagram marketing in Dubai. Prism is an Instagram advertising agency that can offer you value added Instagram advertising packages in Dubai.

Types of Ads you can run on Instagram.

  • Picture Ad: IG promotions with this format include a static image post. Advertisers can create sponsored posts featuring a product or service they offer. They can also include a call to action button. This CTA when clicks, leads to the appropriate page you want your audience to visit. With the help of a CTA button you can redirect users to a website, WhatsApp, messenger, maps and much more
  • Stories Ads: These are full-screen ads that appear between a user's stories. Story ads have a vast potential reach as, nearly 500 million users view IG stories every day. These ads come backed with a ‘swipeup' call to action button option. This CTA button can be linked back to the brand's profile or a website.
    • Insta 30 Second Video Ads: IG created 30-second video ads to complement the Facebook video ad platform. As video ads are highly engaging and help keep the user glued to watching more, the ad reach on IG is much higher in the Middle East especially for amazing catchy video ads.
    • IGTV ads: Similar to YouTube, IGhas a feature called IGTV meaning Insta television. IGTV is a new feature on this platform that is extensively used by various brands and influencers to post video content that isn't promotional but wouldn't necessarily count as an ad.  The best part about IGTV ads it that there is no restriction to the 1-minute video rule.
  • Collection ads-These ads can be a combination of photo plus video ads and are backed by a call to action button such as, ‘Learn more’ or ‘Purchase’. This type of ad help you showcase a collection of products This type of ad gives users an opportunity to browse, discover and take action as they see the ad. They are directly redirected to make a purchase or to learn more so as to acquire more information about your product offering.
  • Multi-photo Carousel Ads: Carousel ads, allows advertisers to showcase multiple photos within a single advert and as well as include a link to the brand’s website or webpage. This type of ad is beneficial for both advertisers as well as potential customers, it allows advertisers to highlight different aspects of the product, and on the other hand, it allows potential customers to retain more visual information of a product that they are likely to be interested in. With the bonus of an added link, viewers can be directed to the brand’s website. This is why IG is the preferred marketing tool for most Instagram consulting agencies in UAE.

Advantages of using Prism the Instagram influencer Marketing Agency

You can invite more users to window shop-With this social media app, you can provide window-shopping experience for your followers, giving them the essence of your products and services. Share relevant and valuable information in the caption, like location details, sales, etc., to grab the interest of your followers. Ensure that you explain all relevant product information, in case your followers wish to purchase the product you feature in the photo.

Platform to promote your brand-Business owners can use IG to post marvelous photographs about their firm’s services and products. Here are a few ways how you can leverage the power of IG to promote your brand. Capture and post pictures of you and your employees at work or at any company event. Utilize captions to share correlated and interesting information about what’s happening in the picture. IG is known for posting pretty! Therefore, make sure to post clear, clean and eye-catchy photographs. Integrating IG into your social media marketing campaign can be a great tool to promote your business while being imaginative at the same time.

You can attract fans and boost sales-IG can prove to be a powerful platform to draw in more followers to your organization by promoting coupon codes and selective discounts. You can do this with any of your services and items. Creating exclusivity and favored status for particular audiences is a proven technique for driving engagement.

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Ez Deals testimonial for Prism Advertising

I would highly recommend Prism Digital because they increased our sales by over 5 times with the same budget as we were spending before. They also increased our core leads by a much better methodology of targeting campaign.

Viju Jacob
EZ Deals

Why partner with an Instagram promotion agency?

With more that 800 million active users on this platform, IG provides a massive audience base for marketers to target. This photo-centric platform is known to be one of the most highly used mobile platforms throughout the world. The benefits of hiring an Instagram ad agency is primarily because of their extensive knowledge combined with the experience they possess in this particular field. Another reason of hiring them is that, they can not only help you save you a lot of money but also help save a lot of time. Instead of you trying and testing strategies that may or may not work it best advised to seek guidance from a digital marketing agency or an Instagram marketing firm that specializes in various type of social media ads.

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