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Video has a way of grabbing a hold of people. Have you ever opened your YouTube or Instagram app and found yourself going down the rabbit hole while watching reels? They really do “reel” you in. People watch videos for all sorts of reasons, whether it's educational or purely entertainment, some watch videos of business ads to see what new products are being released or to just learn about them.

Because YouTube is the number one go-to place for any type of video and is booming with streamers, business owners have also joined in to create content that they feed to their clients through videos. Prospects have access to these videos too and can learn more about your business and if they like what they see – then you have yourself a new customer. As an added bonus, YouTube videos can be marketed through other videos on the site via YouTube ads, allowing your videos to be seen on a broader spectrum.

Getting millions of views for your videos is possible all thanks to SEO. You can have your YouTube channel optimized by an experienced SEO company in Dubai. Let's look at some of the benefits of YouTube SEO services.

1. YouTube SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

This is the practice of optimizing your YouTube channel to boost views and ranking in the search results. Doing this enables your videos to be seen by more users on YouTube as well as different search engines such as Google, among others.

While optimizing your channel, your focus should be on your video playlist, page, your video description, meta tags, and descriptions, as well as the videos themselves. The most common way businesses do this is through an SEO agency.

benefits of youtube seo

2. 6 Benefits Of YouTube SEO

SEO services benefit your channel in the following ways:

  • SEO ensures that your videos are mainly viewed by prospects who stand a higher chance of converting to clients through targeted marketing.
  • Your videos will get exposed to a more diverse audience.
  • SEO allows your channel to climb in the search ranks and be noticed more.
  • SEO places your video among the first in the search results both on YouTube and other search engines.
  • SEO allows your audience to find your videos more easily.
  • SEO helps you build relationships with your viewers by providing them with content they want to see.

3. Boosting Views Through SEO

SEO boosts your views by attracting viewers to your YouTube channel with the help of keywords. When a user searches for a keyword related to your channel's content, they will be directed to your YouTube videos.

This enables you to gain more qualified leads and in turn, make more sales and raise brand awareness.

4. Know Where To Place Your Keywords

Place your keywords in strategic positions in your video's title and description.

Your title is your first attraction point. Place keywords you want to rank within the first 60 characters when creating your title. However, be sure not to create a very lengthy title. A title that has been well-optimized with the right keywords will cause YouTube to show your videos among the first options. This will help increase traffic on your channel.

Your video description is what sets it apart from the rest, especially when you’re uploading content that is similar to what already exists on YouTube. Write a short (but comprehensive) description – tell your audience what makes your video stand out from the rest, and mention what your video is about and what they will learn/gain from watching your video.

Placing important keywords within the first 25 words of your description will get your video more visibility and boost your views.

5. Finding Popular Keywords

One of the most cost-effective ways to find popularly used keywords is through YouTube or other search engines. When you start a search in any search engine, you will be offered search predictions – mainly from frequently searched topics. These keyword phrases indicate what people on YouTube are constantly searching for.

Other tools are also available to find popularly used keywords. These are mostly paid tools and examples include Semrush and SE Ranking among others.

Final Note…

Climb up in the ranks on SERPs. Optimizing your YouTube channel can make a big difference in terms of how many views your videos get and how visible your channel is to the general public. Target a specific audience using specific keywords to gain qualified leads and boost your sales.

Prism Digital handles all your YouTube SEO needs to grow your YouTube presence. We handle keyword research as well as placement to ensure that your titles and descriptions have the right amount of effective keywords to give your videos the exposure they deserve to be viewed by a broader audience, leaving you with more leads to convert into paying customers.

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