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Latest web Design & UI Trends 2021

Growing web design and UI trends defined by the best web design agencies in Dubai

This blog explores the latest web design trends defined by the leading web design agencies and also shares some effective tips and tricks that you can use.

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With more and more people shifting to online platforms for all their daily needs, we can in no way deny the importance of the internet in our lives. The increasing daily usage increases the competition between the different online platforms and businesses.

Now more than ever, businesses need to elevate their online presence and level up their marketing strategies in order to attract more and more people eventually growing your business.

Importance of design and user interface

Consider yourself in a situation where you are browsing for a particular product or service. You come across a website with a very confusing and bland user interface and an overall layout. You browse through it and then leave the page.

Right after leaving that page, you open another web page that has a very vibrant and creative layout. Not only the content is sorted but is visually appealing and attractive as well. Now, which website are you more likely to shop from? The first common, bland one or the latter? Of course, you will go for the second one because it has a very convincing vibe to it.

This is why web designing is important and is a major part of the marketing strategy. As the competition has increased in the market product wise, people choose through visual convincing now.

If you want your products to have a greater market value than your competitors, not only you will have to elevate your product quality but also level up your visual game. Only then will you attract a wider audience than your competitors.

Keeping up to date with the latest web designing trends in the industry is crucial for your business and to attract more and more people to your website. If you are not aware of the latest trends in the industry, this blog will not only explain the emerging trends but also explore ways to implement them in a more efficient way. So, let's get into it.

Surprising Facts About  Web Design

1. Dark Mode

Now that dark mode is in trend and more and more people are switching from light to dark mode on their browsers, you also need to consider this while designing your UI and webpages. You need to make sure that your webpage looks as pleasing and attractive in the dark mode as it was in light mode.

You should design the color theme in such a way that it is readable in both light and dark mode. Not only that, you should make sure that it delivers the same vibe in both modes. As these dark modes are becoming increasingly popular, web designers have started reverting to deep, dark colors as their default mode.

Here are a few pointers for you to keep in mind while designing a webpage that will be functional in the dark mode as well:

  • Don’t design your website in black and white. Design it in dark and light. Use a combination of different colors rather than using black and white only.
  • Avoid using saturated colors on dark backgrounds as they will affect the visibility and readability of the content.
  • Establish a hierarchy using color variations.
  • Don’t forget to put a toggle switch for light and dark mode so that the users can switch according to their preference.

2. Experimental Typefaces

Experimental typefaces are really popular among the masses these days. They can be a single color of style, animated, colorful, and full or abbreviated character sets. These typefaces not only add a creative touch to your design but are also a major attraction to artistic people.

A few tips to keep in mind while using experimental typeface:

  • It is crucial that you pair with highly readable secondary typefaces.
  • As these typefaces have a significant visual emphasis, you should try to keep the rest of the design simple.
  • Choose a custom experimental typeface for key elements.

3. Designs With Minimum Face Show

Designs with less or no faces are becoming popular these days. Maybe it is because of the Covid 19 pandemic now that people cannot meet in person and cannot shoot for new image inventory therefore, the designers have to choose from the existing face inventories or they have the option to design it without using any face.

Since the face option is becoming common, to do something new and different, web designers are opting for faceless designs. But this trend is most likely to fade away with time since it only occurred due to Covid 19.

4. Typography As Homepage Art

With the increasing options in typography and the use of an experimental typeface in trend, people are switching to a new trend of using text as the central art for designs. It is not easy as it sounds. With the increase in the length of the word and sentence, it becomes more and more difficult for the designer to come up with a creative homepage art.

It is a really complex and complicated phenomenon as it involves a greater amount of creativity and effort to make it stand out in the masses.

With the increasing variation and design options available, the designers are playing with layers of text to create a masterpiece for their homepage. Every project has a different theme and vibe to it therefore, each project uses different typography and design ideas that are best suited for their intended purpose.

5. Grain (Blur And Noise)

Blur and noise are some of the most beloved comebacks of 2021. They are bigger and stronger than they were 5 years ago. They are responsible for a sophisticated and refined webpage as well as a decent web design for mobile applications.

After their comeback, they have become inseparable. They work together to give an interface a refreshing elegance. Avoid blurred images and dare to play with colors and gradients. This approach lets the inner artist in you show his creativity.

Not only do they add mode to the design, but they also serve as unobstructive focal points emphasizing the important details of the interface.

Another important tip is to work blur and grain into the transition effect. It will make the transition shift smooth.

6. Circles

The circle is probably the most famous and frequently used geometric shape in web designing in the year 2021. It might be due to the symbolization of a circle that is perfection, infinity, and wholeness or might be due to the attention drawing factor involved in it.

Have you noticed how your eye catches the attention of the spherical objects and designs more easily and vigilantly than the rest of the designs and shapes?

7. 3–d Illustrations And Everything Else

There is a very thin line between reality and virtual reality which keeps blurring under different conditions. For example, the 2 D space with the three dimensional effects is a great example of the aforementioned phenomenon in action.

The 3 D effects are really popular these days and the designers are going for a more realistic and effective in their art and this can only be achieved through 3 D illustrations.

8. Colorless Ui Or Black And White Illustrations

No matter how many trends come and go, black and white are here to stay. It has always been a trendy combination. Many years ago, it was as popular and in use as it is today. It is among those trends that will never go out of fashion.

The best thing about these illustrations is that they are near to reality and give you an in the moment vibe due to the hand drawn elements.

The best thing about this trend is that it matches almost every design aesthetic and this might be one of the reasons that it has always stayed in the spotlight among the trendiest designing options for very long.

9. Collage Art

You might have noticed that the majority of the most attractive layouts are made up of collages rather than individual pictures. Designers are opting for collages as they are more aesthetically pleasing and can be displayed as a unified piece of art.

Wondering when to use collages?

You can use them when you need to show multiple images at once and want to establish a retrospective feeling. It is mainly used when a single image fails to describe your idea and you have to use a group of pictures to convey your message properly. Collages are also used to showcase breadth and diversity within your brand line.

10. Aesthetic Colorful Backgrounds

Colors are a symbolization of hope and good times. Especially in times like these, when the world has been taken over by this bizarre pandemic, in order to provide people with a more hopeful and bright perspective on things, you must include colors in your display.

Moreover, vibrant colors attract attention more than any tactic out there. If you are planning to have a colorful background, it can be of two types.

It can be composed of gradients or blurs. Both are fun and equally effective therefore, can be used according to the needs and style of the designer.

11. Bold Typography

Big bold typography is the new hot trend of 2021. The bigger the font size, the more impact it is more likely to have on the user. This trend works best when you are working with a few, short words because then it becomes easy to read and understand.

You can choose the font style of your type. It can be any font style. The only thing that will make a difference is the font size. When you are using big, bold letters, you can pair them up with a busy background as well. Big bold words work fine with any kind of background or layout option.

Here are a few tips for you to consider while using big, bold typography in your designs:

You can choose between a readable or artistic effect beforehand and then plan accordingly.

  • Use trendy typefaces like serif or outline.
  • Emphasize the text element by keeping the background simple.
  • Use minimum letters and words so that you don’t overwhelm the users.

12. Cursor Icons

This is one of the points that you might miss if you are not paying attention specifically to it. As minor as this trend might seem, it has a great effect on user persuasion. There are circular pointers that are hard to miss and compels the user to click around.

Many cursor variations are used by different designers. For example, there are colored pointers that float on the screen.

13. Pantone’s Illuminating And Ultimate Gray

This trend is not new to the interface. It has already been used by the designers over time and surprisingly it has been declared as the color of the year. Yellow and ultimate gray works best as a pair and are really popular when paired up. This color symbolizes cheerfulness and hope among people.

None of these trends can work separately. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to pair these trends up according to your needs and the format of your design. If you think you are not capable enough to do that on your own, there are many web design agencies in Dubai that work efficiently to provide you with the best web layout for your website.

These web design companies in Dubai have leveled up the game and the competition is growing now more than ever to elevate your web designing game if you want to reach the top!

This is it for today’s blog. Try to be a bit more creative and make use of these tips and tricks to add a more aesthetic value to your designs. Do share your feedback and share the blog with your friends so that they could benefit as well.

If you want assistance with web design. Write to me a let Prism, the best web design agency in Dubai help you create the most appealing designs for your website. Thank you and Goodbye.

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