4 PPC Landing Page Best Practices To Benefit From

PPC Landing Page Best Practices

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It's fantastic to attract visitors to your website, but if they don't like your landing page or can't locate what they were looking for, they won't convert (i.e. buy what you’re offering). The truth is that even if you are an expert at ad targeting and have fantastic content if your landing page isn't up to par, those visitors won't convert into sales.

In order to increase conversions and prevent those common landing page pitfalls, we want to share our top advice, whether you're an expert in digital marketing or a new pay-per-clicker.

Continually keep your word

Users have clicked on your advertisement because they are looking for what you have promised; therefore, you must deliver on your promise and satisfy their needs.

Driving all traffic to a company's home page and forcing customers to comb through the material to locate what they need is one of the worst landing page mistakes companies can make. Instead, point them in the direction of the page that is communicating what they need and move them quickly through the conversion process.

Using a clear and descriptive title lets the user know what the website is about and confirms that it will satisfy their demands. Make sure that users can "Buy Now" on your landing page if your ad stated that they could do so.

Utilize the blink test

Your aim is to make your core message stand out and capture their attention right away since, believe it or not, the majority of users will judge the value of your landing page within the first few seconds.

By clearing the page of any distractions or needless details and utilizing short, skimmable language to highlight the key selling elements, you can make sure that your landing page passes the blink test. High-quality photos or videos that can effectively convey your message are quite successful because research has proven that they convert more effectively than text.

To point the reader to the key area of the page, utilize CTAs (Call to action) that are both obvious and distinct.

ppc landing page set up

Create a  framework for success

The layout of your landing page greatly affects how consumers engage with it and, ultimately, whether they convert. Your layout should be straightforward, easily recognizable, and most importantly, responsive to all screen sizes.

Items above the fold will get the most attention because users spend a staggering 80% of their time above the fold of the page. Consider the most essential aspects when choosing your website's layout, such as a Buy button or a limited-time deal, and make sure they are clearly visible when a user lands on the page.

Don't overlook your consumers who are viewing on small mobile screens either! Since many of your clients probably use mobile devices to access your website, conversion rates will undoubtedly suffer if your site necessitates frequent pinching and zooming. You must reduce clutter on your so customers can easily browse and complete the conversion process because mobile devices have even less space.

Monitor, assess, and optimize.

Without question, A/B testing is a terrific technique to find the landing page options that will work best for your company. Your clients are telling you what they want and don't want to see when they click on your advertisement by measuring the impact of various landing pages. Try out various headlines, structures, CTAs, and forms; you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Keep in mind that not all businesses will benefit from what one does. Because of this, it's crucial to track your progress and make adjustments as necessary. Observe the following signs:

  • How many of your visitors bounce off your website after viewing your landing page?
  • How long do visitors stay on your landing page before making a purchase or leaving?
  • Do your PPC visitors stay on your site for a long time and interact with it?
  • Check out what is motivating them to finish that transaction while analyzing conversion rates, of course!

To finalize

For businesses, developing a high-performing landing page can be very advantageous. In addition to looking fantastic and boosting conversions, having a relevant and simple-to-navigate PPC landing page will also improve your AdWords quality score, lowering your costs and moving your advertisements up the SERPs to send even more people to your website!

Whatever your company is advertising with PPC, taking advantage of these suggestions can improve the effectiveness of your online ads. Continue to test and improve your landing page experience in the interim to meet shifting client expectations.

For outstanding PPC services, Prism Digital has professionals ready to make sure that your company's PPC landing page stands out. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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