Creating an e-Commerce Website that Converts: Top Considerations for Your Redesign


E-commerce websites are a vital part of modern-day business. With the rise of online shopping, businesses need to have a user-friendly and visually appealing website that can attract and retain customers. However, redesigning an e-commerce website is not a task to be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, and any missteps can have a significant impact on your online sales.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when approaching an e-commerce website redesign:

Designing an e-Commerce Website that Maximizes Conversions: Key Factors to Consider for Your Redesign

Don’t use yourself as a typical persona

When redesigning your e-commerce website, it's essential to remember that your personal preferences and assumptions might not be representative of your target audience. Your website should cater to the needs and preferences of your customers. That's why it's crucial to conduct user research and gather data on your audience. This will help you understand your customers' needs, pain points, and preferences. You can use this information to create a user-centric design that resonates with your audience.

User research involves collecting data on your customers' behavior, preferences, and needs. You can use various research methods such as surveys, interviews, user testing, and analytics to gather this information. By analyzing this data, you can identify patterns and insights that can help you create a website that meets your customers' needs and expectations.

Always track changes and new features

Redesigning an e-commerce website involves making a lot of changes and adding new features. It's essential to track these changes and features to see how they are affecting your website's performance. Keeping a log of all the changes you make will help you identify what's working and what's not.

You can track your website's performance using various analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or Mix panel. These tools can help you track your website's traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, and other key metrics. By monitoring these metrics, you can identify which changes are driving sales and which ones need improvement.

Optimize for your customer’s device, not yours

Mobile devices account for a significant portion of e-commerce sales, and it's essential to optimize your website for mobile devices. When redesigning your e-commerce website, prioritize mobile responsiveness and ensure that your website is easy to navigate and use on mobile devices.

Mobile responsiveness refers to a website's ability to adjust to different screen sizes and devices. A mobile-responsive website is easy to navigate and use on mobile devices, which improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of a sale. To optimize your website for mobile devices, consider using a responsive design framework or asking creating a separate mobile version of your website when getting professional services from top web designing companies in Dubai.

Top Considerations for ecommerce website redesign

Be clear on the category hierarchy

Categories and subcategories are essential aspects of an e-commerce website's navigation. When redesigning your website on your own or getting help from a website development company in Dubai, make sure your category hierarchy is clear and easy to navigate. Your customers should be able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

A clear category hierarchy helps your customers understand your product offerings and find what they're looking for without getting lost. Use clear and concise category names and avoid overcomplicating the hierarchy. Consider using breadcrumb navigation, which allows your customers to see where they are in the navigation path and go back to previous pages if needed.

Don’t skimp on search functionalities

Search functionality is another critical aspect of an e-commerce website's navigation. When redesigning your website, make sure your search functionality is easy to use and provides accurate results. A robust search function can help your customers find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently.

Consider using an autocomplete feature that suggests products as the customer types in the search bar. Additionally, use faceted search to allow customers to filter results based on various attributes such as price, brand, or size. You can also use machine learning algorithms to provide personalized search results based on the customer's browsing and purchasing history.

Wrapping It Up

A successful e-commerce website redesign requires you to keep your customers at the center of the process. By conducting user research, tracking changes and new features, optimizing for mobile devices, having a clear category hierarchy, and providing robust search functionalities, you can create a user-centric e-commerce website that drives sales and boosts your bottom line.

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