6 Skills Every Digital Marketing Manager Should Have

Digital Marketing Manager Skills

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Digital marketing is no longer just a trend among brands in 2022; it is a need if businesses want to compete for leads, conversions, and loyal customers. They're fortunate since there are a ton of brand-new digital marketing management tools, technology, and trends constantly emerging.

The possibilities of what you may achieve in the field of digital marketing management

Is there a talent gap in digital marketing?

Many traditional marketing professionals have not yet attained entry-level competency in digital marketing skills and digital marketing management, despite the fact that digital marketing management is in high demand for all types of brands, with social media budgets expected to double over the next five years, 33 percent of traffic from Google's organic search results hitting the top of the SERPs, and worldwide digital ad spending expected to exceed a staggering $375 billion by 2022.

Combine the above factors with the fact that the current workforce is moving toward the world of freelancing, and it becomes clear how difficult it is for brands to successfully harness the power of digital for marketing management.

What is marketing management?

The organizational discipline of marketing management focuses on the effective administration of a firm's marketing resources and operations as well as the practical application of marketing orientation, strategies, and procedures inside enterprises and organizations.

Marketing management is defined as the "planning, coordinating, controlling and implementing of marketing programs, policies, strategies and tactics meant to create and satisfy the demand for the companies' product offerings or services in order to generate an acceptable profit." So what effect is there?

What does a manager of marketing do?

Establishing and managing all brand marketing initiatives is the responsibility of a marketing manager. These include demand generation, price strategy development, channel implementation, target marketing, and trend tracking. To develop and carry out the marketing strategy, a marketing manager frequently makes use of marketing frameworks and marketing plan templates.

Top skills that any digital marketing manager must possess

What abilities are genuinely necessary for a manager of a modern digital marketing team to stay current with their team, tools, and results? Today's digital marketing managers resemble conductors of an orchestra in several ways.

They must fully understand many "instruments" in use as well as how to control them in order to produce a vibrant, fascinating, and captivating symphony that is certain to draw in and keep an audience. These tools, or talents, can be separated into two main groups: hard managerial skills and professional, industrial skills.

Hard Skills for Digital Marketers

What abilities do marketing managers need

Individual aptitudes and capabilities known as "marketing manager skills" support marketing managers in their work. They comprise both soft and hard talents that differ based on the particular sector of the economy or the particular marketing channels used by the company.

Hard skills

Hard skills are those that call for technical know-how or domain expertise. Market research, public relations, product development, supply chain management, analytical skills, or the capacity to effectively manage marketing campaigns are a few examples of the crucial competencies.

UX Design Expertise

It's crucial for users to have a positive experience on a brand's website and when interacting with its online marketing materials. A satisfying experience can increase a user's time on a website, their ability to traverse the different pages, and their motivation to convert.

They can leave and even leave bad reviews if they had a bad experience. As a result, being able to guarantee that the goods, business website, and other digital marketing content is simple to navigate and utilize is a cornerstone of digital marketing management.

You must be able to recognize and direct great, efficient, and captivating UX design if you want to be a successful digital marketing manager. You must learn the craft of developing A/B testing and improving the site's usability. It is crucial to the reputation of the brand you are promoting.

6 Hard Skills Digital Marketing Managers Should have in 2022

SEO and SEM expertise

It is not sufficient to have excellent search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) abilities when it comes to managing digital marketing. Additionally, you must be able to explain these abilities and tasks to the team members.

Additionally, you must be able to keep up with the quickly evolving fields of SEO and SEM, which have thus far grown to encompass "white hat marketing" strategies like content creation and blogging. One of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing management is not recognizing which trends will help your brand's content rank at the top of the SERPs.

Knowledge of content management

The extremely valuable digital marketing management talent that will guarantee users are generated into hooked leads that eventually convert is managing the creation and publication of your brand's content. The publication of material that has been optimized for the various digital channels, such as email, paid promotion on search engines and social channels (PPC), etc., is a necessary component of effective digital marketing management.

To encourage potential new and current consumers to click through and learn more, you must make sure that the material your team produces is compelling, credible, and shareable.

Social media skills

Brands must be present on social media in order to connect with a large, engaged, and interested audience. But social media marketing involves much more than just publishing posts and waiting for them to become popular. Knowledge of each platform in-depth is essential for effective digital marketing management. You must be aware of:

Frequency of posting

  • Platforms to use for posting
  • Which media formats engage your target audience the most
  • Using paid social media promotion as leverage
  • How to use the analytics packages for social media platforms, for example.

Marketing and responsive design abilities

Consumers now engage with brands via a variety of digital devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, it has become a natural part of digital marketing management duties to ensure that campaigns and content are convincing regardless of the device being used to see them.

Although managing responsive design and marketing might be challenging, doing so is essential to the long-term success of your efforts in digital marketing management.

Analytics and tech tool skills

The gift that keeps on giving is analytics. It is a tool, or set of tools, that can help you manage your digital marketing efforts and make life more simpler and more informed for you and your team at work.

It would be a grave error in the digital age for you to ignore studying analytics skills and which tools and procedures may give you useful insights that guide digital marketing management decision-making. Learn analytics and how recording and analyzing data can assist your team in overcoming risky marketing challenges and plateaus.

Additionally, given the world we live in is genuinely tech-driven, understanding and knowing how to leverage the newest technological tools to maximize your team's output and outcomes is now standard practice in terms of managing digital marketing. You can introduce your team to a ton of free apps and platforms like Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Canva, and Buffer as well as a ton of commercial goods that are worthwhile considering implementing.


Learning and research should be your best friends as a manager of digital marketing, after putting everything into practice. Numerous organizations provide internships and will provide practical training by giving duties and classes. Such internships are frequently available at Prism Digital; if you're eager to improve your knowledge of digital marketing, get in touch with us to learn more.

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