How Your Small Business Can Benefit From These 5 WhatsApp Business Features

whatsapp business features

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Most of the world's population today is on social media or the internet. As a business owner or marketer, finding new ways to satisfy, and reach out to clients should be one of the things you’re constantly working on to improve.

Facebook used to be and still is a great way to communicate with clients and market your business products and services. However, with the majority of the social media realm settling on WhatsApp for communication, business owners quickly took advantage of this to implement their marketing strategies and communicate better with their customers.

Meta Platforms, owners of Facebook and WhatsApp, also noticed this trend, and with businesses in mind, they developed the eCommerce version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp business. Launched in January 2018, this WhatsApp for business solutions is currently being used by 50 million companies all around the world.

Below are 5 WhatsApp Business features and how they can benefit your small business.

1. WhatsApp Business Catalog

This feature provides you with the opportunity to showcase all of the products and services your business offers. Besides just posting a picture of what you have to offer, you can also talk a bit about it in the description section provided, as well as mention its price and product number.

The catalog feature eliminates the monotonous task of having to send images and describe each product to each individual client.

2. Create A Company Profile

Personalize your WhatsApp Business account to represent your company. Set up your company profile by uploading a Display Photo that relates to your company, including your company’s name, mentioning your business category as well as your official business hours, and providing alternative means for your customers to reach you by including your company website URL and your building address.

All of this information will be available to your clients by simply tapping on your Display Photo.

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3. Using Cloud-Based Api To Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Unlike its predecessor, WhatsApp Business API (Application Programming Interface), WhatsApp Business Cloud API verifies and gives businesses access to its services within a few minutes and without having to incur the costs of hosting their own servers.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API enables your company to develop customer support as well as better your customer's overall experience through personalization.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API comes with its own list of features that include:

  • Automation of confirmation alerts in regard to orders, payments, shipping, and more by integrating a diverse list of CRMs as well as eCommerce platforms.
  • Sending out information about special offers or discounts through image, voice, text, or video messages.
  • Allowing you to offer live chat assistance to your customers. You can also use an API WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Forward bulk messages to your entire clientele in one go.

4. Order And Pay For Products Via WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business comes with a shopping cart option that shoppers can use to store items they want to buy as they go through your WhatsApp Business catalog. Customers can either choose to check out once they’re done or come back and finish the purchase later.

Once the customer has finished browsing and is ready to check out, they can complete their purchase within the App through the WhatsApp Payment feature.

5. Send And Receive Money Securely Using WhatsApp Payments

In addition to completing purchases via WhatsApp, the application also provides you with a means to send and receive money securely. You can send money to any of your contacts using just their contact information, however, this is only possible if the users' phone number is linked to their current bank account.

This works just the same as any other UPI-enabled service (Unified Payment Interface). Once a transfer is complete, a text message will be sent to confirm the details of the transaction.

To Conclude:

WhatsApp has transitioned from a mere communication app to one that can now be used to perform business effectively as well. Making good use of all the features provided by the application can give your business a boost in sales as well as improve your relationships with your clientele.

Prism Digital is currently the best WhatsApp business API provider in Dubai to help integrate your business with a WhatsApp API for you to effectively make use of WhatsApp Business, as well as improve your customer experience to increase sales.

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