Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Job Description:

Prism ME (Marketing + Digital) is a leading technology company committed to delivering cutting-edge mobile applications. We are looking for an experienced Mobile App Developer with expertise in Flutter to join our dynamic team and help create innovative and scalable mobile solutions.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Design and Build: Create sophisticated and scalable mobile apps using Flutter, ensuring high-quality code and performance.
  • Custom Packages: Develop custom packages in Flutter by leveraging functionalities and APIs available in native Android and iOS.
  • UI Development: Translate designs and wireframes into responsive UI code, maintaining a high level of quality and user experience.
  • Architecture: Explore and implement efficient architectures for new features, resolving existing system issues, and suggesting enhancements.
  • Data Structures: Propose space and time-efficient data structures to optimize app performance.
  • Best Practices: Follow industry best practices for app development, maintain structured and well-documented code, and use CI/CD for smooth deployment.
  • Documentation: Document the project and code effectively to ensure clarity and maintainability.
  • Version Control: Manage code and projects on Git, collaborating with team members and managers.
  • Security: Ensure adherence to security guidelines throughout the app development process.
  • Consultation: Collaborate with customer-facing representatives on software system design and maintenance.
  • Performance Optimization: Conduct time profiling and memory leak assessments to optimize app performance.
  • Testing: Write comprehensive tests for the app to ensure reliability and quality.

Top Skill Sets to Have:

Firebase: Experience with Cloud Firestore, Push Notifications, Cloud Functions, and Analytics.

Git: Proficiency in version control for project management and collaboration.

Native Language Knowledge: Ability to build custom Flutter Packages using native languages.

Other Skills Set:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related field.
  • 3-8 years of professional experience as a mobile app developer.
  • Strong experience with commonly used 3rd party libraries and services.
  • Expert understanding of networking, local data caching, and multitasking on Android.
  • Familiarity with Material Design Guidelines.
  • Passion for building robust systems and maintaining coding standards.
  • Strong drive for producing high-quality software and addressing issues promptly.
  • Excellent communication and planning skills for release preparation.

Note: Candidates without a portfolio on Github will not be considered for this role. Remote placements are also accepted.

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