Maison D'vie SEO Case Study

Maison D'vie SEO Case Study

By The Best SEO Service Company In Dubai For The E-Commerce Industry

Maison D'Vie is a brand-new e-commerce startup focusing on UAE designer clothing. Their online store has a large selection of women's clothing, ranging from dresses and tops to exclusive designer lingerie and accessories. SEO played a frightening role because they couldn't easily reach their potential customers. This is when they decided to work with the best SEO service in Dubai.

SEO Strategy

Brief From The Client

Starting an E-commerce website is very challenging when it comes to ranking high on SERP as there are many e-commerce stores. Maison D'vie knew they were distinctive from others, but they didn't know how to reach out to their clients easily. They wanted their website to rank #1 on Google for every keyword relating to their products to create more leads, traffic, and brand awareness.


After approaching Prism Digital, Maison D'vie saw a quick way to success. Using unique SEO strategies, we were able to rank the Maison D'Vie website on the very first page of Google within a very short period. Within the first two months of the new website's launch, we were able to increase their traffic by 29.4% and their conversion rate by 13%.


Keywords Ranking

We were able to rank the Maison D'Vie website on the very first page of Google for more than 23.89% of their total keywords in just 4 months.


Google Search Console

We started to generate 2.07K clicks and 245K impressions for their website every month

Google Search Console

Page Loading Speed

Previously, their webpage took 9.22 seconds to load, but now we have optimized their website, and it takes just 2.3 seconds to load.

Page Speed

Health Score

We increased the website’s health score from 57% to 98%