H Dubai Hotel SEO Case Study

H Hotel

By The Best SEO Company In Dubai For The Hotel Industry

The H Dubai Hotel is not only one of Dubai’s leading platinum hotels but is also centered near Dubai’s greatest tourist attraction sites and anyone who resides there not only gets an exquisite experience but also has the ease of moving around and seeing numerous attractions. It’s a win for whoever decides to reside at this magnificent hotel but there was a gap – potential clients weren’t finding it because of its low visibility.

SEO Services Offered:

  • Off-Page SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • SEO PR


Following their bid to increase online visibility and attract more customers, The H Dubai Hotel sought us out to rank their website on top SERPs and dominate Google search in the hospitality niche. Their website was not performing adequately so optimization of the website was long overdue. The objective was to optimize the website and rank it on top to increase traffic, on-site bookings, and revenue for the hotel.



With our tailored SEO strategies, we managed to rank all of their branded keywords on the first page and doubled the overall website traffic in one year. We implemented off-page & on-page SEO strategies to increase the website’s health, domain authority, and visibility. Because of the increase in Da/PA, the website’s overall traffic and new visitors drastically increased.

Ranked 900 keywords on Google’s first page
Organic keyword
Increased organic search traffic by 35.56%
Organic traffic
Increased overall traffic by 100%
Overall traffic
Written & published over 100 off page articles
Off page article
Increased domain authority from 21 to 41
Domain authority
Increased the website’s health score from 55% to 99%
Health score
Increased the website’s visibility by 19.32%

Prism digital is the best SEO agency we have worked with.. Getting 150 keywords in 3 months and 500 keywords in one year is a feat i have never seen every accomplished in my entire career. they completely have changed the digital marketing industry with their expertise and attention to detail.


We have been working with Prism's Digital Marketing and SEO team for the last 2 years and they have been amazing to work with. They manage our hotel's digital marketing campaigns and SEO completely as well as our Website Design and Management and we are very happy with their services.

Lina Ivaldi

Prism got our website to the first page of Google in under 3 months. we always used to be on the 10 and the 30th page of google but their methodology is amazing and it works !!! our traffic to the website has grown by 3x and we have never had such amazing results with all the agencies we have worked with before.... so thank you Team Prism!!

Melissa Naude

We really appreciate the work that Prism has done for Maudsley . we are currently on the first page of google and the customer base of the clinic has grown in multiples ... they are very good at SEO, Social media and Digital Marketing for clinics especially. I always tell every body in the medical marketing field " Prism is the best digital marketing agency we have every worked with".

Mr. Moosa

Prism has changed the way we communicate online as have grown our rankings on Google Threefold. Their SEO technologies as well as the new website they built for us have increased our website and online presence. We highly reccomend their services to all who need good SEO and Google Ranking in Canada and UK.

Hussain Bakkar

Prism really did an amazing job with our website mobile app and our digital marketing and SEO they are perfect for any e-commerce website and deliver what they promise. we have been working with them for the last 7 years !! so that itself is a testament to their client retention abilities. Kudos Team Prism keep up the good work!!

Mohammed Jarrar

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