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If your businesses ultimate objective is growth, engage with potential customer, brand awareness as well as gain qualitative leads then Facebook advertising is the best marketing option to choose from. Your customers are on social media platforms then, why isn’t your business on it yet? Nearly the entire population of UAE is making use of FB on a regular basis and is active users on it. This can prove to be a great opportunity for company owners to harness the power of this platform to target existing and potential customers with different types of ads Facebook has to offer. Facebook marketing in Dubai can prove to be one of the best methods in order to successfully establish your firm and expand your brand presence on social media.

Prism is referred to as the best social media marketing agency in Dubai for our creative and highly engaging approach towards each and every project. With the help of FB marketing tools, business owners can target their audience based on their location, age, sex, interest, demographics and much more. At Prism, we take advantage of this feature and meticulously study your brand and business offerings. We devise and develop creative digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns based on your business offerings so as find the right audience, grab their attention, engage with them and convert them into paying customers.

Prism is a leading Facebook Advertising Agency in UAE

We can help you with the following types of Facebook Ads

  1. Video Ads: Facebook Advertising with video are very popular because they grab attention with sound and motion. With the help of a video views campaign setup, you can deliver your video to a vast number of people.
  2. Image Ads: FB image ads allow you to use beautiful images to drive traffic to your website as well as your landing pages. You can also opt for using multiple images in a single ad.
  3. Facebook Collection Ads: E-commerce sites can drive sales of their products by displaying items from their product catalog, this type of ad helps customize ads for each product.
  1. Facebook Carousel Ads: These kinds of ads are a great option for restaurants and e-commerce business owners, where they can display up to ten images and videos within a single ad each with their own individual link and description.
  2. Facebook Slide Show Ads: Slideshow ads are extremely popular for using motion sound and text to tell your brand story no matter what the internet speed. They are highly engaging and keep eye-balls glued.
  3. Facebook Canvas Ads: FB Canvas Ads allow people to open a full-screen mobile optimized experience from your ads. It’s an extremely engaging type of ad creation.
  1. Facebook Lead Generation Ads: Lead ads on FB and IG help you collect info from people who are interested in your business. A lead is presented using an image, video or carousel, and followed by a lead form when the user engages with the ad.
  2. Facebook Offers: Offers are discounts you can share with your customers on Facebook. You can design your offer ad to appear as an image, video or carousel.
  3. Facebook Post boosting: Most page posts on FB can be boosted to deliver more likes, comments, shares and photo/video views. In other words, engagement and reach can be boosted with the help of this kind of ads.
  1. Facebook Event Responses: Event response ads can be used to promote awareness of your event and drive responses. You can design your event ad to appear as an image or video.
  2. Facebook Page likes: Page likes ads can be used to drive users to like your existing business profile page. You can design your page likes campaign with a video or an image masked to a ratio of 8:3. Prism offers Facebook management services to over 100 clients in Dubai and across the UAE.
  3. App installs: Facebook App install ads help encourage audiences to download your app on mobile, android, IoS as well as desktop.
  4. Store visits: FB store visit ads help drive nearby audiences to a brick-and-mortar store. It helps target people in and around your store location, who are most likely to buy or visit your store.

Prism’s Facebook Marketing Services In Dubai, UAE

Social media advertising is one of the best tools that help facilitate brand awareness considering the fact that how rapidly sharing visually engaging content, graphics and videos takes place on social media platforms.  At Prism, we understand that each and every client is different therefore their content they put out as well as campaigns ought to be a difference so as to match their business objective. Our team at Prism enjoys developing highly engaging and creative content that is sure to help you with your digital marketing campaigns to build an audience base on social platforms. Our Facebook advertising services include the following.

  • Campaign planning and setup
  • Multilingual content creation
  • Eye catchy graphics and video creation.
  • Complete ad setup.
  • Build a relevant audience base
  • Installation of messenger bots
  • Implementation of advanced ad technology
  • Installation of the pixel tracking code
  • A/B Test to see what works best for your company
  • Constantly engage with your audience
  • Implement keywords in the content copy
  • Monitor, analyze and develop monthly reports
  • Dynamic product ads.
  • Messenger bots installation.
  • Implementation of advanced ad technology
  • Installation of the pixel tracking code.
  • A/B Test to see what works best for your company
  • Constantly engage with your audience (Respond, Tag, Like and Comment)
  • We use keywords in your posts as well so as to help you rank higher on search.

Our Testimonials

Ez Deals testimonial for Prism Advertising

I would highly recommend Prism Digital because they increased our sales by over 5 times with the same budget as we were spending before. They also increased our core leads by a much better methodology of targeting campaign.

Viju Jacob
EZ Deals

Elevate Your Brand With a leading Facebook Marketing Company In Dubai, UAE

Prism is a leading digital marketing company in UAE that can help you engage with your customers on Facebook. We can create your page and manage it for you with creative content, beautiful images, amazing videos, polls, and eye-catchy gifs. With the help of an effective Facebook Ad Campaign and Facebook influencer marketing we can help you take your business to the next level and deliver qualitative, profitable results. At Prism, we are focused on getting the best results out of every campaign we undertake. Our team of paid social media marketing experts plan and set up a campaigns with utmost creativity so as to keep your audience engaged and connected. Due to these factors, we are recognized as the top social media company in Dubai.

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