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LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most used professional networking platform. With over 1.5 billion active users, it is the best way for companies and brands to directly target communication with professionals around the world. It is a massive resource for building your professional influence and growing your network. This platform is the cornerstone of any strong B2B advertising and communication strategy and Prism offers LinkedIn marketing services to more than 180 companies.

At Prism, we create bespoke and unique ads that are enriched with rich media like short videos, gif’s and images to attract and engage your audience. As a renowned LinkedIn advertising agency in Dubai, our solutions are optimized and custom created so as to match your objectives with your target audiences. We help you identify the right audience and also monitor what is said about your company on social media. This platform allows advertisers to target by occupation, job title, position in the company, location and so much more. Hence, proving to be the perfect platform for B2B client’s in order to generate qualitative leads.

Types of LinkedIn Advertising Services we offer in Dubai, UAE

1. Sponsored Content–Sponsored content is nothing but a great promotion technique used to promote existing content on your business page. You can run your ads across desktop and mobile devices based on your personalized target audience. You can build your ideal audience with LinkedIn profile data and engage with your audience relevant to you/ your business.

  • Why use it?

    • Get your message known to many.
    • Keep views engaged due to rich media.
    • Attract more followers.
    • Generate more impressions and clicks.

2. Sponsored In Mail- You can deliver personalized ads to the users LinkedIn Inbox. Thus, adding a personal feel to each message sent across potential users. Whether desktop or mobile, a sponsored In Mail will be delivered to active users regardless of their device.  This is one of the best ways to attract more leads. All you need is a body text, call to action button and if required you can add your website link too.

  • Why use it?

    • Helps attract more leads
    • Great option to send personalized messages.
    • Higher conversion rate.
    • A/B test messages to see what works best.
  1. Text Ads- These include a convincing headline, description and even an image. With the help of this kind of ad, you can create multiple ad variations per campaign, which makes it easy to test the best-performing images and description. However, it is vital to note that these ads can be only run on desktop.

    Why use it?

    • Easy and simple set up
    • User friendly and fast.
    • Helps track conversions.
    • Pay only for what advertisement model works that is, Cost per click or cost per impression.

Our LinkedIn Advertising Process in Dubai

Research: We first start by gathering adequate knowledge regarding your business and service offerings. We then move on to identify your target audience filtered under certain parameters such as company, job position/title, education qualification, skills etc.

Budgeting: As compared to other social media platforms, advertising on LinkedIn can cost a little more higher. On an average, marketers pay $5.26 per click and $6.59 per 1000 impressions on LinkedIn. Therefore, as an online marketing agency, we devise a digital marketing plan based on the amount you are planning to invest on such kind of promotion without compromising on the return on investment.

Targeting-This is the most crucial aspect of any advertising strategy as this step defines who your ad will be shown to. One of the primary benefits of marketing on this platform is the ability to target based upon first-party, self-reported information. Its best to partner with a LinkedIn marketing company in Dubai as you do not want to go wrong at this step since, it’s not only expensive but also targeting wrongly can lead to irrelevancy and almost zero leads.

Campaign setup- Once your ad budget is in place, we move forward to choose an ad format (sponsored content, text ads, or both.) As a best practice, we always create multiple versions of the ad copy and the creative, as we understand that the audiences viewing the ad are different. What may appeal to one may not to the other. Hence, we incorporate variations so that we do not miss out on a single lead.

Measure and optimize- At Prism, we understand that advertising on LinkedIn can be expensive and therefore we leave no room for negligence. We keep an eye on the metrics so as to stop low performing ads or boost ads that are doing considerably well. We track and measure reports to gain visibility on what is working for your brand.

Our Testimonials

Ez Deals testimonial for Prism Advertising

I would highly recommend Prism Digital because they increased our sales by over 5 times with the same budget as we were spending before. They also increased our core leads by a much better methodology of targeting campaign.

Viju Jacob
EZ Deals

What are some of the Linked in B2b Marketing Agency Services we offer .

Creating your LinkedIn business company page- We can create your custom LinkedIn business company page or help you enhance your current page. The benefit of having your own company page is that you can advertise and engage with potential customers and use it as a personal space to engage with them.

Campaign strategizing and setup- As a creative social media agency in Dubai, our team is well equipped with the latest social trends and know exactly what works best for your objectives. We will help you strategize and develop custom and unique campaigns that generate qualitative leads.

Ad copy development- Right from research to multi-lingual content creation to graphics, gif’s and video creation, we at Prism do it all. Our team will create a content calendar for you and based on your approval we will set up all your ads. You can entrust us as we guarantee results.

LinkedIn ad monitoring- Nothing goes unattended. Our team of data analytic specialists continuously monitor your ads to check if they are running and performing well or not. We value every penny you pay, therefore if for some reason your ad isn’t performing well, we stop them immediately and revise them in a way so as to deliver profitable results.

Keeping your ads engaged- After running your ads our job doesn’t end there. As a digital marketing agency  we house a team of social media specialists who monitor each and every action taken on the page and respond to them immediately. Responding to incoming engagement is crucial and we are best at doing that.

Ad Reporting and tracking- For all the ads we run for you we send you monthly reports for the same. This helps measure results and ROI. This practice provides you  with a clear understanding of how your campaigns are performing and how much growth have you witnessed.

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