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Al Shafar Assent

Al Shafar Assent


Al Shafar Assent


Steel Engineering


Content Creation + Technical Content writing + Visual Design and Imaging + Corporate brochure + Design and Layout + Corporate brochure printing

Al Shafar Steel Engineering LLC (ASSENT) is a member of Al Shafar Group of Companies(ASGC), which was established in 1989 in United Arab Emirates and Middle East. Assent is one of the most extensive steel fabrication and erection company supported by comprehensive engineering services established in 2008 to serve the requirements of industrial and commercial projects, focusing on high-quality level and supported by large capacity to serve the high global demand for steel products. ASSENT manufacturing facility is located at Dubai Industrial Park – UAE, having production capacity up to 120,000 tons/year. ASSENT capabilities and resources can serve and support clients as a reliable partner for any commercial and industrial projects by providing vast services as follows, engineering design and detailing, fabrication, painting and fireproofing, erection.

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How Did We Execute The Project

The two-division of ASSENT ASMS ( AlShafar ) and ASP needed to create corporate brochures for their divisions that would reflect their projects and services and showcase all their international projects for their global clients. Our creative team first started with a thorough brainstorming session, followed by gathering adequate knowledge about the brand and its offerings via research. Based on the research collected, our content creation team put together the content for both their corporate brochure. We ensured that the content for the brochure was crisp, to the point and easy to read and understand. We did not keep room for any cluttered texts or images. Our design team came up with several design layouts of the corporate brochure. We focused on text/content to image ratio so that the pages look neat and clean. We then finalized the look and feel of the brochure based on the brief and created and designed both these brochures. Post the creation, as per their requirement, we printed nearly 200 copies on top quality textured papers and delivered them straight to their office.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Content Creation
  • Technical Content writing
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Imaging
  • Corporate Brochure Design and Layout
  • Corporate Brochure Printing
Al Shafar Assent

We have worked with Prism Digital in the past for events and other digital marketing services. This was the first time we worked with their creative design team directly, and we were utterly impressed with the way they managed the project. We would wholeheartedly recommend working with them as they are the best design agency that we have worked with till now. They produce excellent and creative designs,and best of all, they are very fast to make changes to the designs. Their project teams know their job and advise on every element of the project when the client is in a rush, they go above and beyond to deliver the project in time and sometimes even before the deadline.