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Branding + 3D Design Rendering + Content Creation + Content Writing + Visual Design + Visual Grid Mapping + Corporate Brochure Design & Layout + Corporate Brochure Printing

Al Soor Investment L.L.C is a real estate powerhouse in Dubai and Sharjah with over 22 buildings in Dubai and Sharjah and a warehouse complex in Sharjah. The company also has seventeen ongoing projects, which include one shopping mall, 12 villas, and several residential and commercial buildings in Sharjah and Dubai, three of which are in different stages of completion. The Group already has a large asset base of several prestigious and very well constructed residential/commercial buildings that are equipped with excellent amenities and facilities and are managed and maintained by their team.

Al Soor partnered with Prism Digital to create an eye-catching corporate brochure that highlighted their main USP’s. They also needed us to manage the visual designing of the brochures as well as the printing and logistical delivery.

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How Did We Execute The Project

AL Soor Investment contacted Prism Digital to handle the entire branding for the Al Butinah Mall that they are building in Sharjah. Their primary requirement from us was for a corporate and sales brochure that would highlight the various features of the project and be able to be designed in a way that would attract brands and stores to lease the spaces in the mall. Prism Digital was only given the core Dwg files of the project and the logo of the company, and we were briefed to create the brochure, including the content, images and the design of the brochure. Our content team developed the content for the entire brochure. Our primary focus was to insert the content neatly, avoid clutter, and overcrowding of the text. Our graphic designing team at Prism Digital created the entire brochure and visual identity of the Mall as well as the whole design of the sales brochure in an attractive and strategic manner, making sure that every aspect of their USP was highlighted. Post the approval of the main files, we then took the project a step further and printed the designs on the best quality of paper, and the outcome was pure excellence.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Corporate Branding 
  • 3D Design Rendering
  • Content Creation 
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Visual Design and Visual Grid Mapping  
  • Corporate Brochure Design & Layout
  • Corporate Brochure Printing
Al Soor Investment

Thank you Prism for creating an excellent Brochure and visual identity for the new mall. We appreciate your efforts in create such a beautiful brochure in such a short time and with so little material given to you from our side. We look forward to working with you for the several years to come. Thank you and wish your team the very best for 2020 !

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