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A leading Pharmaceuticals multinational came to Prism with a unique social educational problem. They had a drug that they needed to create awareness of among customers but they had to make sure it adhered to the ethical rules of the pharma industry as overt advertising and ideo website design was not allowed.

The drug helped in curing conditions of a very serious problem of bedwetting among children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 25.  Since it is a very taboo subject in the Middle East, a lot of parents and children suffer in silence and tried to keep the condition hidden instead of asking their doctor about the solution. Prism reached towards its digital marketing and branding expertise to create a solution for the same.

So to create awareness about the situation, Prism had to create a way to communicate with a variety of audiences across the board in 10 different countries in three languages, English Arabic and French.

This is how Good Morning Arabia was born

How did we execute the Project

Phase 1 was The Ideation :

We created the Brand Identity of the campaign. At the core of the brand was the Brand Hero Adam.. He was a character created to appeal to adults and children and be like a commentator for the whole campaign. Adam started the whole digital brand marketing exercise.

Phase 2: was creation of the trilingual website for the brand.

We created a trilingual website which housed all the Visual and the videos for the campaign. It also served as a platform to engage all the people who would come on the page from social media and our other campaigns.

Phase 3 : Creation of the whole Rich Media  Assets for the brand campaign

We created more than 60 Videos in English Arabic and French explaining what is bedwetting and the best ways to deal with it. The subtle messaging in all the media was for people to go to doctors and actually ask them about their problems.

Phase 4 : Advertising:

The SMM activation and advertising campaign targeting parents whose children suffer from such a condition. Prism created a campaign where the targeting was based on user surfing tendencies and keywords searched for. So If you search for the keywords like bedwetting solutions you would see our Promos and our keywords ads on social channels and on youtube and other channels.

The Results of the Campaign

  • Ad Impressions: 86 million
  • Video Views: 6 million views
  • Link Clicks: 1million link clicks to the website and social media
  • Downloads: 450,000 downloads of our Brochures, Images and Videos
  • WhatsApp Shares: 30 million ++++
  • Total Number of Conversions :
  • Total Number of Fans on Facebook: 89,000++
  • Engagement per post: 12 %
  • Number of Social shares: 150,000
  • Number of  engagements: 500,000 ++
  • Number of Doctor Referrals: 100,000 + in 10 countries
Good Morning Arabia

Due to our company’s policies and ethical code of conduct, Prism was restricted from any kind of direct as well as indirect promotion of any medical terms, drug/medicine names, doctor or hospital names etc. Despite this restriction, they did a very good job in executing our campaigns and making it a grand success. They were instrumental in increasing awareness and anonymously boosting the sale of the drug so as to cure bedwetting in kids

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