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Website design and development+ Payment gateway integration

Founded in 1975, Gulf Electronics Company (GEC) is an Abu Dhabi based retail company that provides various electronic products and accessories to customers all across the Gulf. Since its establishment, the company has steered a number of real estate projects in the commercial and residential segment, providing them with the best electronic products to suit user preferences. It has become an integral part of the real estate arena in the UAE and a trusted supplier for various electrical products. In addition to these, the company also provides a plethora of maintenance services to all users availing its products and services.

They came to us with an issue with the way their site was structured and built. Their requirement was to convert their existing informative website into a complexe-commerce website. In addition, Gulf Electronics needed a better mobile UX. We focused on the user’s point of view, since it was a complex e-commerce website we wanted to create a website that was easy to understand and navigate.

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How did we execute the Project

The main strategy of our design and development team was to design the website in such a manner so as to keep users engaged and wanting to explore more and more. We wanted to bring the areas of the site to life as if navigating a map. We first started by observing and taking notes on all other e-commerce website in the market so as to make the website as simple and easy to navigate as possible. We noted that the full-screen menu trend was working for other clients, so we took an expanded approach where each menu item lists out every page within the site. That way a user can see the entirety of the site in one click and can shop as per his/her preferences. We wanted to keep the site as systematic and clean as possible therefore we came up with the plan of segregation as per brand and under each brand,subsegregation as per category. The structural organization of the menu and the backend was beautiful.

One of the challenges we faced was to input the 700+ products onto the site and guess what, we uploaded them all in just one day! Because this e-commerce website was so complex, the biggest challenge we faced was to maintain the page speed time. Taking SEO and ranking of the website into consider as well as to ensure low bounce rate and fast page load time our developer excelled in this area. We optimized the images, followed SEO guideline so as to have a website fully SEO optimized. Our developers keyed in on making sure the site was easy to maintain, the menu was clear to navigate, and everyone understood fully the purpose of the site.Prism has always taken pride in on time project delivery and we must say although this site was extremely challenging we completed it without any flaws and within the set deadline.

Our Services towards this Project

  • E-commerce website template design
  • E-commerce website development
  • Payment gateway integration
Gulf Electronics

Team Prism Digital are absolute experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce business and Lovetto is the genius behind the scenes. we love the website you created for us ... I cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. best of luck for the future! Great work!

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