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Iceland Water Park


Iceland Water Park


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Website & Mobile App + UI / UX + Website Design and Development IOs + Android Mobile App Design and Development.

The Ice Land Water Park is the first offering of the WOW RAK destination, a unique water park with extensive theming in snow and ice, offering a mix of traditional water park attractions as well as non-conventional and novel water park attractions. Iceland Water Park hired Prism Digital in order to develop a mobile-friendly website where users will be able to view it on their mobile. The website also has a payment gateway wherein they could easily book tickets online from their phones and get an SMS Notification that their booking has been confirmed and email with their ticket. Our biggest challenge was to create a ‘Virtual Reality’ section on the website wherein users could take a 360-degree view of the entire water park, even before visiting the place in person.

Iceland Water Park 1
Iceland Water Park 2
Iceland Water Park 3

How did we execute the Project

Our team at Prism Digital developed a website as well as a mobile app for Iceland waterpark with the primary motto for the comfort of their users. The app/ website allowed users to book tickets online from the comfort of their homes. Their app, as well as the website, was highly responsive and was developed with a multilingual feature. Therefore, they could be accessed as well as customized based on your language preference. The app and website were completely ECRM friendly and scalable. The best feature on the site and the app was the Virtual Reality “ LOOK and BOOK feature. This leveraged customers to get a 360-degree view of the attraction and the entire theme park even before visiting the place. Our team at Prism Digital, helped Iceland Water Park develop a new way to experience their service right from your mobile.

Our Services towards this Project

  • UI/UX design
  • HTML5 Mobile-responsive Design
  • Multi-user Umbraco CMS
  • Multilingual Module (English/Arabic)
  • Auto SEO and Google optimized
Iceland Water Park

We approached Prism to build our new e-commerce website and mobile app as they came highly recommended from the our partners in RAK Tourism and RAKIA. From the first day they showed great initiative and creativity in their approach to digital marketing and web design. We are very happy with them and plan on working on every aspect of our digital marketing campaign with them as well.