Park Avenue Dental Clinic

Park Avenue Dental Clinic


Park Avenue Dental Clinic


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Website design and development+ Social Media Marketing + Video Production+ Video Editing + Branding

Park Avenue Dental Clinic stands as a complete oral healthcare provider in Dubai, UAE. They have been instrumental in providing beautiful smiles since 2014 and continue to do so. As the best dental clinic in Dubai, they value all their clients and strive to offer best in class services. Park Avenue Dental Clinic offers a full range of dental services in Dubai, UAE, and prides itself on patient safety & satisfaction by employing board certified dental specialists and having state-of-the-art dental facility in the country.

We were asked to update and modernizetheir website, making it more user friendly. They also wanted us to bring the site into the modern age by making it responsive on mobile and tablet devices.  They also wanted to shoot professional video wherein the doctors at the clinic gave more information about the clinic as well as certain dental procedures so as to educate the audience. We were also assign a complete social media marketing and management service.

How Did We Execute The Project

The first thing we had to do was come up with a temple design that was not only easy to understand but was simple and easy to navigate. While our website design and development team were working on to build the website for its massive launch our content writers and SEO team were working hand in hand to provide SEO rich website content. We do not believe in copy paste or just bombarding a website with useless and irrelevantcontent. Everything that goes onto the website is analyzed and well researched first then its optimized for SEO practices and only then its put on the website. This practice ensures that your website is ranked by Google from the very first day. . In order to cause awareness about the clinic, our social media team came up with a monthly content calendar that had posts ranging from the service offerings at Park to informative videos and catchy gifs. We used a template throughout Park Avenue’s social media page so as to be uniform and consistent. With the help of our insights and research we posted at the exact time when engagement and page visitors were at peak. This ensured massive page likes and engagement.

After the launch of the site we immediately began work to create Facebook and Instagram campaign promotions to ensure brand awareness and clinic visits. We knew that Park Avenue Dental Clinic had patients and appointment scheduled and the doctors didn’t have much time to spare therefore our objective in order to conduct their video shoot and production was to be quick and highly professional. We couldn’t afford any delays. Our team worked out a plan of action along with a schedule for each dentist and prepped them with what they have to say. Dentistry terminology can be hard to understand therefore, we focused on creating videos that were easy to understand and engaging. We interviewed the dentist as well as interviewed a few clients for their valuable testimonials. We also removed motion shots of the entire clinic and operation rooms. Our masterful video editor performed his final cut to the videos by adding elements, background music, removal of background noise etc only to have the perfect video as per our client’s requirement.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Website design and development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Calendar creation for social media
  • Social media management + engagement
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Branding
Park Avenue Dental Clinic

It has been an incredible experience working with you lovetto, I must appreciate your team's effort in building our website ( which is absolutely brilliant by the way ) as well managing all our digital marketing. we have experienced a 300% increase in our customers since we started working with Prism. So congratulations on a job well done. we are proud to say that we are associated with the best digital agency in Dubai!

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