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Securetec Capital Client:

Securetec Capital


Securetec Capital


IT Company


Branding + Logo design+ Logo Development + Brand Development.

Securetec was established to consult, advise and propose innovative commercial solutions for the sale, procurement and consumption of IT related products and services. It is a B2B company and wanted to change it branding and positioning, so its approached Prism to make that transition from a unknown single person / owner establishment to a International company that works with large organizations like CISCO, SAP and Oracle.

Prism Digital did a detailed brand study and presented a couple of logo and branding options as well as corporate identity design and website UI designs. The project is ongoing and will be completed soon.

Securetec Capital Client 1
Securetec Capital Client 2

How did we execute the Project

To capture the true essence of the brand we looked at the psychometric attributes of the brand or the key features that potential customers would look for in a company they would ideally like to partner with. We isolated several key attributes and allocated key visuals and shapes both organic and inorganic to the mix. We tested these with the client and isolated the ones that most connected with the client and their target audience. Based on this insight, we started the core design process. The concept we formulated in order to develop their brand logo was that of a seed. We developed this with the aim their their logo could seak on the behalf of the brand. The seed represents potential to grow, investment in knowledge as well as capital growth. The original Iterable logo had a few gradients and different shades of orange and yellow that we wanted to save (with small adjustments). Our branding team prepared a color palette to help interface designers maintain consistency across all of the brand items, including the website.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Market Research
  • Visual identity Design
  • UI UX design for the Website
  • Brand Positioning Design
  • Creation of Corporate Identity
  • Brand Manual Design
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