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Logo Design + Brand Development

Twisted is a ladies salon in Dubai, UAE providing a range of hair and beauty solutions close to you, using the industry’s best products with a personalized care. The salon offers an array of beauty services that revitalizes every guest with their innovative techniques. The trained stylists at Twisted, formulate a plan by combining their skill and quality products to deliver experience like never before. Twisted partnered with Prism Digital in order to create a logo for their newly launched salon and well as to create a brand identity in the UAE market.


How did we execute the Project

We were selected by the client to create a unique look for its new salon right from the logo to the interiors of the salon in Dubai Mall. We started by getting under the skin of the client to understand her unique requirements. She was a first time entrepreneur who wanted a brand identity unique to the Middle East and her European and Middle Eastern Clientele. We started with basic look for the icon of the store and extended it across the stores branding!

The original alterable logo had a few gradients and different shades of orange and yellow that we wanted to save (with small adjustments). Our branding team prepared a color palette to help interface designers maintain consistency across the entire brand items, including the website.As we mentioned, the original logo has its own gradients. Considering the current trends in user interface design, we discussed which tones could work well for UI elements such as buttons, etc. and added two gradients to the brand guide.

Our Services towards this Project

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development.
  • Brand Identity Building
  • Corporate Branding
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