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SMS Advertising is the most effective direct message tool used, as almost everyone today owns a cell phone. Mobile advertising is the most powerful method used to connect with potential customers.
Let’s talk numbers! Nearly 96% of people who receive text messages definitely open them. On an average, messages are read within 4 minutes.  A Text message campaign is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising. Then, why not use it?

Prism is the leader in delivering Bulk SMS advertising services in Dubai, UAE to clients from varied industries so as to reach out to potential customers or stay in touch with the existing ones. We run these campaigns in all parts of the world as per our client’s requirements. With our affordable and customer-friendly bulk SMS services, we help you target multiple customers so as to facilitate your return on investment. With our in-house services, we guarantee an increase in your overall sales.

How can you promote your business with SMS marketing solutions?

  • Promotional deals
  • SMS Coupons
  • Text and win competitions
  • Flash/ Clearance Sale
  • Loyalty programs
  • Alerts and push notifications

Types of Bulk SMS Marketing Services Prism offers.

Different business has a different objective and end goals. What works for one company may not necessarily work for another. At Prism, we understand that and that is why all our campaigns are unique and different from one another. Each and every industry is different and so is their offering, therefore, we have a roaster of advertising services you can choose from. Opt for the one that works best for your firm. With the help of our bulk SMS services, you can send messages to as many clients as you desire. We also offer push notification adverting services in Dubai and across the UAE.

Our Sms Marketing Process

Bulk Sms Marketing Services
Conduct thorough research about the business and the audience base.
SMS Marketing Strategy Plan by Plan Digital
Strategize and device a plan of action.
Best Content for SMS Marketing Services
Create sms content for marketing
Text Message Marketing Service for Small Business
Select the right type of text message marketing
Bulk SMS Service Provider In Dubai
Select bulk SMS providers to reach a wide audience base.
Bulk SMS Database Provider
Choose numbers from your contacts database.
Business SMS Marketing Service
Write a custom text message(s).
SMS B2b Marketing Services
Select individual recipients.
Targeted SMS Marketing Services
Schedule date and time for inbound and outbound
KPI SMS Marketing Services
Filter mobile users by different criteria (gender, age, place of residence, etc.).
Lead Generation Services
Monitor and track the speed of the conversion process.

Our Testimonials

Ez Deals testimonial for Prism Advertising

I would highly recommend Prism Digital because they increased our sales by over 5 times with the same budget as we were spending before. They also increased our core leads by a much better methodology of targeting campaign.

Viju Jacob
EZ Deals

We develop content management systems (CMS) for our clients to help them manage the data of their websites and also external communications with their clients. For example, creating and broadcasting HTML emails. SMS marketing services are no different.  By integrating text into your core online communications module, you can segregate and group customers as well as schedule planned broadcasts at certain times in the day. As a mobile marketing agency, we offer all kinds of services related to mobile advertising including marketing for the iPad, iPhone and also phone advertising on Android. 

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How can you promote your business with SMS marketing solutions?
Types Of Bulk SMS Marketing Services Prism Offers.
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