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Snap Chat is the best platform to communicate with the youth.

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All your competitors are on Snapchat. Are you?

Snapchat is the world’s latest obsession for image and video sharing. Over 186 million people use the app worldwide, most of which are between 18 and 24 years of age. This age group continues to be drawn towards creating 3 billion snaps per day. This platform is very effective especially if you are a youth oriented brand. If you are trying to advertise to a younger target audience, start with Snapchat. It is the best way for companies and brands to communicate with millennials and the youth around the world. Earlier advertising on this platform was not only expensive but also time consuming and tricky. However, now tables have turned. It has now made it super easy and affordable for marketers to advice on this platform.

At Prism, we create bespoke and unique Snap advertisements that are enriched with rich media like short videos, gifs and images that can blow away your customers mind. As an award-winning Snapchat marketing company in Dubai, our solutions are optimized to attract a younger audience and custom create your ads with your target audience in mind. So, if you sell a product that caters to the younger generation, then you should definitely consider investing your advertising budget on ads.

Types Of Snapchat Ads Prism Can Run For You

Snap Ads: Snap ads are a vertical, full screen video that lasts for 10 seconds and play with a background sound. They also come with a ‘swipe up’ CTA button. Marketers can redirect users to a website, apps installs, landing pages and much more. This is hype up your branding experience on the app.

Story Ads: Story ads are a content experience, totally separate from a perceived ad on Instagram or Facebook. These ads allow advertisers to place a branded title in the ‘discover’ section of the application. When users tap the tile, it opens into a collection of ads, anywhere between three and twenty placements. For this type of ad, Snap lays out the design for you, based on assets you deliver.

Filters: We will create customized  Snapfilters in Dubai for your brand’s social media marketing campaigns. Prism will create a specific custom face filter and upload it on to the app. While designing it, we keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your audience as well as why would they use these filters.

Commercials: Commercials are non-skippable 6 seconder video ads that allow marketers to drive awareness within their target group. Note: Commercials ad formats can only target the following countries: US, UK, AU, CA, FR, SA, AE, DE, NO

Collection Ads: Prism uses collection ads on Snapchat to roll your ads for multiple products on your e-commerce website. We can also use these collection ads to drive traffic to a website landing page or a mobile e-commerce website. You can just put pictures or even a link to your page/e-commerce site or landing page.

AR lenses: Prism is well established and enables your brand to use AR or augmented reality to create interactive moments. There are two types of lenses in Snapchat, the Face Lens and World Lens. Face Lenses feature innovative technology to recognize a user’s eyes, mouth, and head to transform into the characters that we create for your brand. While a World Lens detects your location to map the location around you in full HD.

Here are five reasons why you should use Snap for digital marketing:

  • Increase engagement with geo-filters
  • Boost social media presence
  • Reach a massive audience group
  • Build brand awareness
  • Track consumer behavior with snap pixel
  • Great engagement platform
  • Powerful medium for influencer marketing
  • Great way to reach mobile users

Here’s what Prism, a leading Snapchat influencer marketing agency can do for you.

How To Use Snapchat Marketing-Drive Store Sales
Drive store sales

By sharing valuable information about your business, we can help potential customer locate your store easily.

UAE’s Best Snapchat Ads to Boost Online Sales for Ecommerce
Boost online sales

We help showcase your ads to potential engaged shoppers who are more likely to click on the advertisement or make a purchase.

What Are The Best Snapchat Marketing Tools To Generate Leads
Generate leads

Convert your Snap advertising campaign into a lead generation machine by gaining valuable information about your target audience.

Examples of the Best Snapchat Marketing Campaigns by Prism Digital
Product/ service promotion

We can help build and generate excitement around a new product or service offering by creating compelling graphics and eye-catchy videos.

Our Testimonials

Foss Recommends Prism Digital as Top 10 Website Design Company in Dubai

It’s been a pleasure working with Prism Digital. They inherit the perfect way of doing things. Although our website was very technically challenging, Prism Digital executed it exactly how we wanted our website to look like and how we had envisioned it.

Diana Zavzeatii
Fibre Optic Supplies & Services LLC
Who created Better Life website design Prism Digital

“I would recommend Prism mainly for the responsive behavior they carry out throughout the project and their positive and adaptive nature. We rely on their Expertise to manage our website, and they have also managed our SEO and Digital Marketing for the site. With Prism, we never worry about deadlines as they always deliver much before the deadline .”

Mr Jerry Joy
Better Life
Best Ecommerce website design agency in Dubai Testimonial - Better Life UAE

We chose Prism as our digital advertising agency as they understood our requirements and delivered to us a website that perfectly matched our expectations and budget. They are the perfect marketing partner as they are experienced, supportive and extremely creative in their approach. We continue to work with Prism for all our digital marketing requirements and we will work with them for every aspect of our marketing including SEO website hosting and Management. I  wish them the best of luck for a successful future.  

Ranjit Unni
who are the best ecommerce website designer in Dubai? Prism Advertising

Prism helped us crystalize what we should be trying to achieve and how we must get there. They have immense experience in the digital world. They devise a project plan and abide by it within the specified timeline. It was indeed a great experience working with Prism.

Marini Milonas
Nereen Health care
Who Manages 2xl Digital Marketing Prism Design

Prism helped us create an amazing website and they have been working with us on all our digital marketing requirements including SEO and Digital Marketing since the last 5 years and we are very and satisfied with them.

Mr. Balvinder Singh
Emirates Glass Testimonial for Best Corporate Brochure Design

Prism helped us create our 2019 catalog and corporate brochure. They are extremely creative and design-wise they are one the best agencies we have worked with by far. Their team is very proactive  and their creative approach to design is very rare. I will highly recommend their  services  to  anyone who  wants  to  create  amazing  designs  for  their corporate collaterals. We look forward to working with them for a long time to come

Mr. Rizwanulla Khan
Emirates Glass
Rhino Corporation testimonial for Prism Advertising

I have worked with Prism on various different projects since the last several years. Prism has an extremely creative minded team with the most unique designs and branding strategies.  Their client servicing and attention to detail is incredible. They have created amazing branding campaign, video design, websites and digital marketing campaigns for us. Prism is very time efficient as they are always ahead of time for a deadline.

Rhino Corporation

Team Prism Digital are absolute experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce business and Lovetto is the genius behind the scenes. we love the website you created for us ... I cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. best of luck for the future! Great work!

Khalid Tuer
Gulf Electronics

Importance of Snapchat social media marketing

Snap can prove to be the most powerful tool especially when it comes to brands that want to connect with a younger and more socially aware audience.  It’s an amazing platform to build brand recognition and engage with younger audiences. This can be achieved with cool videos, animations and visual Communications. Here's why your brands need to have a presence on SnapChat. 

  • It helps young brand to start creating a customer base really fast.
  • Drive traffic to your store via custom plugins and animations.
  • It gives your brand increased search visibility on images and videos.
  • Dedicated slash pages can help you promote your ecommerce discount codes and other promotional items
  • One of the most effective platforms for new product promotions with the youth.
  • It’s the most effective platform for content distribution.

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