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Grow your Leads with the best Twitter Advertising Agency in Dubai, UAE.
Experience the power of Twitter marketing in growing your social media clout.


Grow your Leads with the best Twitter Advertising Agency in Dubai, UAE

Work with the leading Twitter influencer Marketing Agency

Numerous other social media platforms are used every day by billions of people across the world every day. With 326 million active users, it's no big surprise that it has turned out to be such a valuable promotional tool for organizations. The primary goal for making use of Twitter for growing your business is to give the right message to your audience in a limited amount of character. The secret to using the platform lies in creating a balance between the types of messages you produce, hashtags you indulge in and ensuring that you're appealing to the right audience.

Twitter marketing services, in particular, are much more than just posting images or sending out tweets. It is vital to understand your business objectives and build a social media presence around that sense, what you post talks directly on behalf of your brand. What works for one brand may not be best for your business. Therefore, it is vital to seek help from a highly professional social media marketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

Prism is a 360° Twitter advertising company in Dubai that offers integrated digital marketing services to an ever-growing roster of clients and industries.  We are well known across Dubai, UAE for creating unique and exceptional social media campaigns. Our Twitter affiliate marketing experts help devise an advertising plan for your business so as to maintain your presence in front of the market competition.

Types of Twitter Ads prism can help you with.

  • Promoted tweets:

    These are the types of tweets that are displayed to people who do not follow you.  The social media management agency you partner with will pay for the tweet to be presented to various audiences. These twitter marketing campaigns helps open gates for your business to an entirely new set of audiences. Just like we run boosted posts on Facebook, you can promote tweets to get more attention and visibility.

  • Promoted Accounts: 

     Similar to promoted tweets/posts, here the advertiser pays to display your entire account to a set of targeted users. These ads are shown to people who may be interested in your business or service offerings. This is the best option to choose from if, targeting specific users according to your business objectives to gain followers and make your business or service known to many. This type of twitter digital marketing ads provides an CTA button to “Follow” within the tweet.

  • Promoted Trends: 

    You know what’s trending nowadays with the help of hashtags. The ‘Trends for you’ on the right side of your page provides a list of #trending topic.   Promoted Trends allows you to foster a hashtag at the top of that list. So, what do you do? Develop a catchy hashtag, promote it and watch how it gets viral when people use it in their tweets. However, it is vital to remember that running this type of ad is extremely expensive.

Why should you opt for Twitter Marketing Services with a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE?

With has a user base of nearly 326 million active users,most of your potential customers are on Twitter. Then, why aren’t you?  The UAE’s favorite B2B Marketing agency

  • 75% Users interact with brands.
  • You can grow your website traffic.
  • You can network with influential people.
  • Ads are relatively costly but are a sure win.
  • You can enable two-way communication with you and your followers
  • Encourage real time conversation with your customers.
  • Targeting customers is easy.
  • Generate qualitative leads and sales.
  • Brand awareness is caused via creative advertisements.
  • It is one of the best platforms for customer support.
  • Retweeting option enables your content to go viral.

Our Twitter Marketing Campaign Process

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Our Testimonials

MB Consultancy  testimonial for Prism Advertising

Prism Digital is one of the best agencies I have had to work with. they are proactive and they take the time to understand your business before offering your solutions that will grow your business. our leads have increased three-fold because of the digital marketing, PR, and SEO activities that they execute for us.

Business Development Director
MB Consultancy

Prism’s Twitter marketing servicescan help your brand go Viral!

Prism is an award-winning social media agency in Dubai, specializing in creating integrated promotional Campaigns for brands and clients. We love to create compelling viral content that is creative and interactive. We work with some of the best brands across the UAE and the GCC. We stand for creativity and unique developments for all our campaigns. We house a team of creative minds that always think out of the box and develop socially viral campaigns.

If you would like to discuss your social media management requirements or even ask for an audit report on how your existing agency is managing your social media handles or campaigns, call us on +971 558500095 or visit our office. Our social media experts will guide and help you in the right direction.

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