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Users spend 88% more time on websites with video.
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For any startup business or a small emerging company, the biggest obstacle in growth is the lack of awareness amongst their target audience. Various social media platforms have helped facilitate the growth of small/ startup businesses. Using social media as a marketing tool these businesses have to devise intelligent and highly creative publicity campaigns that will cause massive engagement and awareness.

The digital marketing and advertising of their brand or services through videos is the best way a small business can achieve fast and cost-efficient marketing success. One of the main reasons why a visual promotion strategy works is because a video recall rate is much more than written or read media. Employing a video marketing agency in Dubai, to promote the content across different social media platforms, will effectively display the business to a distinctive target group and help in branding. Visual content is highly sharable, eye-catchy as well as can be embedded almost anywhere (social media post, landing page, blog post etc.) and hence is a marketing preference for almost by 91% of marketers.

Types of content a Video Content Marketing Company can create for your business

  • Demo films- Demo Films are showreels to demonstrate your product or service. We create the Demo Film by shooting the product and explaining all its features with motion graphics and voiceovers in different languages. Take a look at some of our Demo Films. 
  • Branded films- Branded Films are corporate films that we create for companies and corporates that want to highlight the work that has done and their assets and services and corporate philosophy.  Click on the next banner to discover some of the work we have done. 
  • Event and Live Videos- Prism can bring your event to life by capturing the event in all its glory. we have worked with more than 100 Events capturing every moment in High Definition. We edit your video footage and insert amazing graphics, voice-overs, and licensed music to make them social media and website friendly. check out a couple of our event videos.
  • Interviews & Customer testimonials- Client interviews are some of the most difficult videos to shoot as clients needs to be prepped and coached as to how to speak on camera. Prism works with several market research companies to film their subjects when taking Vox Populi videos for various brands.
  • How-to videos / Educational/explainer films-Prism works with a lot of brands to create How-To videos and demos for their products. we handle every aspect of the production from staging to lighting and shooting and post edit. take a look at some of the videos we have done.
  • Animated films- Prism has created amazing animated films for its various clients both for youtube and graphically animated movies. Animated movies are the most difficult to create and take the most amount of time but with Prism you are assured of amazing quality and multilingual services. take a look at some of the animated videos we have created in different languages.   
  • 360° & Virtual Reality film and Augmented Reality (AR) Videos- Prism works with the latest technology to create amazing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Films AR for our clients. We have worked with some international brands to also create localized AR and VR Content for their brands which have been depoyed online and as well instore. take a look at some of them.  

A Video Production Company in Dubai, UAE

  • Channel optimization- Your rich media content channel or pages are optimized using SEO rich content. This helps search engines find and recommend them viewers who are most likely to enjoy your content.

  • Video SEO- Our highly skilled and creative team at Prism builds a comprehensive strategy that helps your videos to be found and also improves their performance organically.

  • Social engagement- Our social media marketing experts can help you find the right marketing channels for your rich media content to be advertised on. This helps reduce costs and improves overall playback performance.

  • Keyword strategy- It's not about having a lot of content it's about having the right and SEO rich content. Here's where keyword strategy comes into play.  Having the right keywords as well as the right keyword density used throughout your content can help boost organic traffic. Having an online video marketing company working for you does not hurt either!!

  • Viewer engagement- At Prism, we make sure that the visual content we create is highly engaging, creative and keeps the viewer glued.  We aim at creating videos that compel viewers to share it and indirectly make it viral.

  • Competitive analysis- We not only study your company but also your competitors. Our team at Prism makes sure they know each and everything related to your business. We identify gaps in your competitor's plan and build a strategy to defeat them by creating content that stands out from others.

Video Marketing Services for Small Businesses 

Rich Media advertising refers to the advertising that occurs around a rich media upload. A video promotion company works towards promoting a Rich Media across multiple platforms in an effort to enhance its reach and multiply the viewership of the content it holds. Audio-visual is now one of the most preferred media across various channels, so making sure it reaches the right viewers is of utmost importance. People watch visual recorded content now more than ever.

On average, humans spend nearly 5 and half hours watching rich media content each day. So, imagine the potential social video marketing this type of advertisement holds. A video marketing agency can help device and develop various methods to ensure that the content you put out, reaches relevant target groups and gains maximum viewership. This can be done organically or by running ads and developing campaigns. 

Our Process as A Leading Video Content Creation Agency in Dubai

Audience Targeting Video Marketing Agency
Understanding your audience and campaign objective
Affordable Video Marketing Services
Formulating the budget
Video Marketing Strategy Planner by Prism Digital
Planning your video
Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business
Preparing the script
Shooting the video
Shooting the video
Product Video Marketing Services
Post production and editing
Video Post Production Services
Rich Media marketing and advertising
Digital Campaign Rollout Strategy by Prism Digital
Digital Campaign Rollout and Monitoring

Our Testimonials

Foss Recommends Prism Digital as Top 10 Website Design Company in Dubai

It’s been a pleasure working with Prism Digital. They inherit the perfect way of doing things. Although our website was very technically challenging, Prism Digital executed it exactly how we wanted our website to look like and how we had envisioned it.

Diana Zavzeatii
Fibre Optic Supplies & Services LLC
Who created Better Life website design Prism Digital

“I would recommend Prism mainly for the responsive behavior they carry out throughout the project and their positive and adaptive nature. We rely on their Expertise to manage our website, and they have also managed our SEO and Digital Marketing for the site. With Prism, we never worry about deadlines as they always deliver much before the deadline .”

Mr Jerry Joy
Better Life
Best Ecommerce website design agency in Dubai Testimonial - Better Life UAE

We chose Prism as our digital advertising agency as they understood our requirements and delivered to us a website that perfectly matched our expectations and budget. They are the perfect marketing partner as they are experienced, supportive and extremely creative in their approach. We continue to work with Prism for all our digital marketing requirements and we will work with them for every aspect of our marketing including SEO website hosting and Management. I  wish them the best of luck for a successful future.  

Ranjit Unni
who are the best ecommerce website designer in Dubai? Prism Advertising

Prism helped us crystalize what we should be trying to achieve and how we must get there. They have immense experience in the digital world. They devise a project plan and abide by it within the specified timeline. It was indeed a great experience working with Prism.

Marini Milonas
Nereen Health care
Who Manages 2xl Digital Marketing Prism Design

Prism helped us create an amazing website and they have been working with us on all our digital marketing requirements including SEO and Digital Marketing since the last 5 years and we are very and satisfied with them.

Mr. Balvinder Singh
Emirates Glass Testimonial for Best Corporate Brochure Design

Prism helped us create our 2019 catalog and corporate brochure. They are extremely creative and design-wise they are one the best agencies we have worked with by far. Their team is very proactive  and their creative approach to design is very rare. I will highly recommend their  services  to  anyone who  wants  to  create  amazing  designs  for  their corporate collaterals. We look forward to working with them for a long time to come

Mr. Rizwanulla Khan
Emirates Glass
Rhino Corporation testimonial for Prism Advertising

I have worked with Prism on various different projects since the last several years. Prism has an extremely creative minded team with the most unique designs and branding strategies.  Their client servicing and attention to detail is incredible. They have created amazing branding campaign, video design, websites and digital marketing campaigns for us. Prism is very time efficient as they are always ahead of time for a deadline.

Rhino Corporation

Team Prism Digital are absolute experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce business and Lovetto is the genius behind the scenes. we love the website you created for us ... I cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. best of luck for the future! Great work!

Khalid Tuer
Gulf Electronics

Why partner with a marketing video production company?

A one-minute rich media content is worth a thousand words therefore, when evaluating where to invest your 2020 marketing budget and efforts, it’s vital to allocate a major chunk on video marketing efforts. Did you know, people retain nearly 70% of the information for three days or longer when it’s supported with an audio-visual aid. Since, advertising involves costs, its best advised to partner with a video marketing company as they have adequate knowledge as well as experience and will conduct your campaign within the stipulated budget. In order to promote rich media content, YouTube is the most popular and widely used platform. However, running ads here can be expensive. Partnership with a YouTube marketing agency like Prism can prove to be the best decision one can opt for. Such companies are professionals and make sure that the content your brand puts out is of high quality and matches your business goals. Originality and creativity are key; hence, video production companies are not stagnant in their creative thinking approach. Contact us to get started on your film project right away!

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