7 LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Expanding Your Company In 2022

LinkedIn marketing strategies

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Is LinkedIn actually useful?

Are you looking for the best strategies to maximize your efforts to generate B2B leads and conduct business with other companies? If your response is yes, this article will outline the greatest LinkedIn marketing strategies for growing your company in 2022.

The most popular corporate social network in the world is LinkedIn. More than 600 million professionals use it daily to network with one another, talk about their fields, share knowledge, and further their careers. Additionally, it's the preferred platform for B2B prospecting. Businesses can connect directly with their clients, rivals, investors, future employees, and prospects on LinkedIn.

It can be used by sales and marketing teams to draw in and close new clients. According to studies, LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads, and 94% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn to share content.

LinkedIn Marketing Suggestions For Expanding Your Company In 2022

Define Your Objectives.

The same goes for every marketing campaign; setting goals is essential. The typical B2B marketing objectives for LinkedIn could be:

  • Increasing the authority and profile of your brand.
  • Lead generation, lead nurturing and lead capture.
  • Bringing targeted visitors to your website.
  • Promoting appearances at events.

Finalize Your Business Profile.

The core of your online brand on LinkedIn will always remain your company profile. It's critical to have a strong profile as customers often search for your company online in a bid to learn more about your products and services.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the majority of users in your target market will land on your company profile when they click on your page.

Here are some pointers for creating an outstanding company profile:

  • Make sure your profile is entirely filled out.
  • Almost goes without saying, but make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors!
  • Examine competitor profiles. What can you do to differentiate your company from theirs?
  • Name any honors or distinctions you have recently won in your field.
  • Mention clients, you’ve previously worked with on your profile, with their go-ahead of course.
  • Include your business website link on your profile in case someone is interested in learning more.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

Even the best corporate profile won't get you very far. If it's difficult to find, what good is having one? Search engine optimization (SEO) is used in this situation. Create a keyword-rich company profile. The keywords you select must apply to your business and be descriptive of the services you offer.

Begin Content Sharing

Once your profile is set up, you can begin posting content. Any social media network, including LinkedIn, must prioritize content marketing. LinkedIn has the potential to be the most successful channel for content marketing.

Since 91 percent of executives consider LinkedIn as their top source for professionally relevant content, you have an audience of professionals on LinkedIn who are looking for knowledge and information.

Use this to your advantage by disseminating blogs, webinars, and videos centered around subjects important to your target audience. Concentrate on quality and, if you can, get LinkedIn-active thought leaders in your field to contribute. By often sharing your material, you can attract a following that visits your page on a weekly basis.

how to increase linkedin engagement

Grow Your Network

Using content marketing can help you attract many people. If done correctly, you can gain many new followers.

Combine any of these 5 strategies:

  • Make sure every employee likes and follows the posts on the company page (create a Slack channel for sharing social media posts). They are the largest evangelists for your brand and the most inclined to spread your material.
  • Request that your partners and clients follow your page. On your blogs, email newsletters, and press releases, advertise your LinkedIn presence.
  • Share other people's stuff; if you come across a blog post or article you like, do so! especially if it is pertinent or was written by a prominent figure in your field.
  • If you believe your connections will benefit from it, tag them in your content promotions
  • Request recommendations and testimonials from your satisfied clients on your company page.

Don't Be Frightened To Try New Things.

Once you've mastered the foundations of LinkedIn marketing, it's time to diversify. Try publishing at various times throughout the day or week. Create more of a certain kind of post if you notice that it receives more engagement than others.

Examine the pages of your rivals once more. How well do they utilize LinkedIn? Do you agree with whatever they are doing? Alternatively, is there anything you can do that they aren't doing? Find the gaps in your industry and see if you can fill them.

Always Evaluate Your Progress.

You must frequently evaluate your efforts if you want to improve your data-driven marketing on LinkedIn. The majority of social media schedulers come with a reporting feature by default. Don't get shaken if you don't have one right now. Your own LinkedIn analytics pages can provide you with a wealth of information.

There are three sections in LinkedIn Analytics:

Visitor information

You should know the following information about the visitors to your page:

  • The overall volume of views and the number of distinct visitors over time.
  • The proportion of desktop and mobile visits.
  • Information about the general population, including job function, location, industry, and firm size.

Lastly, LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the top B2B marketing platforms that will aid in the growth of your company.

Most people's first thoughts when it comes to professional online networking are positive ones. You must utilize the opportunities it presents and have your company listed there.

Total Up Your Analytics

All of your LinkedIn postings' engagement statistics, including:

  • The whole sum of your likes, comments, clicks, and shares during a given time frame.
  • The percentage of engagement for both sponsored and organic content (if you are using LinkedIn Ads)
  • Post-by-post information that is updated in real-time, including impressions, views, clicks, and LinkedIn's own average engagement rate.

Follower Statistics

All the data you require regarding your audience, including:

  • How many followers you have overall and how many you've added just recently?
  • Information about each of your followers’ backgrounds and places of employment.
  • A tool that tracks competitors and compares their following and updates to your own.

These LinkedIn marketing tacticsshould assist you in creating a social media marketing strategy for your company. Follow our advice and monitor your progress.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is one of the top B2B marketing platformsthat can aid in the growth of your company.  Most people's first thoughts when it comes to professional online networking are positive ones. Your company must be listed there, and you must take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Finally, if you haven't already, why not follow Prism Digital on our LinkedIn page? We always want to connect with and borrow ideas from people in our field as well as offer you the best marketing services to grow your business.

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