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Ever imagined of increasing your organic sales on your high rated pages by 47% in just a year? If not, then you are just WORKING WITH THE WRONG SEO AGENCY IN DUBAI

Primary Arms contacted Prism Digital as their website was not delivering results when it came to organic conversion. They were spending more than $1 million USD per year on Google AdWords but their organic conversion was dismal to say the least. According to our initial research, Primary Arms had an issue ranking product that was not indexed on the search engines. Prism Digital ran 53 of their product page title labels using ClickFlow for more than a quarter of a year and saw such a great improvement in their sales.

Here, we will go through in detail about the strategies:

  • Introduction to ClickFlow
  • How to run an SEO Test with ClickFlow
  • The Biggest SEO Challenge – Generating Low Organic CTR
  • The SEO Solution – Boost Search CTRs
  • How to Scale Up your Traffic
  • What is the SEO strategy to increase Organic Revenue
  • Conclusion

What is ClickFlow?

ClickFlow is an SEO experimentation device that permits you to test the viability of each page (or groups of pages) to expand your natural traffic without the problem of link building or composing more content.


  • Test New Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Grow Your Traffic in Weeks, Not Months:
    Find which pages on your site are now ranking in search, yet procuring a low portion of client clicks.
    Compose better, all the more tempting title labels and meta depictions, at that point run split tests in ClickFlow to win more organic traffic.
  • Rank Your Content #1 in Search Engines by Nailing On-Page Optimization:
    Find related keywords to remember for your substance, distribute the most far-reaching posts in your space, and climb quicker in the SERP.
    The Content Editor tool decreases the to and fro among SEOs and content writers. Enter a Target Keyword, welcome your writer, and let Content Editor evaluation (and level up) their content for SEO services.
  • Recognize "Content Decay" and Refresh Old Posts to Win Back Traffic:
    Do you realize which pages on your site have been declining in SEO traffic after some time?
    The Content Decay report gives you a positioned rundown of pages you should revive to win back traffic rapidly.

Prism Digital runs the SEO Tests with ClickFLow to test the effectiveness of each page.ClickFlow synchronizes with Google Search Console and causes you to do things that GSC can't do from an SEO point of view, for example, improving the click-through rate of a page. So if you aim to rank high in searches, make sure to join hands with the leading Google Advertising Agency in UAE for PPC marketing services in Dubai  so that you don’t miss out on revenue.

The Challenge – Generating Low Organic CTR

Low Organic CTR

Primary Arms is one of the main ten Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) retailers in their space. With an Ahrefs Domain rating of 54 and over 10M backlinks, they're lucky to have the option to rank on page one of google for serious competitive search keywords.

Be that as it may, here's the rub: Organic impressions — for example eyeballs in search results — don't generally liken to real clicks to your site. In the wake of crunching Google Search Console information, Our in-house SEO Lead manager discovered that many items had below organic click-through-rates.

So, we chose to test new SEO titles.

Before working with ClickFlow, we at Prism were doing SEO title tests physically, which would require many hours.

But when ClickFlow came into the picture. Here is what that procedure resembled:
Step #1: Export Google Search Console information. Channel the information to discover CTR opportunities.
Step #2: Plan changes to titles and metas; comment on changes to the site
Step #3: Monitor the effect of these changes (which included more Search Console sends out progressing).
Step #4: Analyze the effect on organic CTRs and clicks—and finish up whether the change was a winner or loser.

Everything considered, this took numerous hours—some of the time daysof work.

The Solution – Boost Search CTRs

Boost Search CTRs

We started utilizing ClickFlow for two things:
ClickFlow recognized the pages that had a chance to improve because they were Primary pages.
ClickFlow indicated the pages that need changes in titles or meta descriptions to improve the ranking.
Within weeks, Primary Arms had started to achieve 10-60%+ increments in organic CTRs on a considerable lot of their low-hanging organic product SKUs.

Scale Up Your Traffic with Organic CTR Optimization

Improving titles and meta descriptions are perhaps the most demanding approaches Prism Digital follows to support SEO techniques for e-commerce traffic and sales on high-traffic online stores — if you have the correct work process.

“We now useClickFlow to embed the H2s on every page and streamline the titles and meta descriptions.We find it extremely effective, after completing than a hundred tests.”

ClickFlow empowers to create traffic or expand position or rankings, as they easily moved from the second page of the SERPs to the #1 page of the ranking.

Have your site lost traffic over the last few months?

Here is What to Do When You Lose Organic Traffic to Google SERP Features

The nature of Google's dominance of its search engine results pages (SERPs) has brought in the areas of controversy in the SEO business. As Barry Adams brought up on Twitter as of late, this move by Google isn't new, yet it feels like Google has abruptly positioned their foot on the accelerator.

Follow that Twitter string and you'll see such as to and fro these progressions have begun to make. Is this an ethical move by Google? Did you deserve the business they're taking in any case? Will SEO ahead be dead? Or on the other hand, would we be able to do what we've generally done and adjusted our methodologies in brilliant, agile ways?

In any case, paying little heed to how you feel about what's going on, nearby packs highlighted pieces, and SERP highlights from Google, properties like Google News, Images, Flights, etc are riding on a train that has no plans on stopping.

Traffic drops will in general come to fruition from four fundamental causes:

  1. Abig drop in rankings,
  2. Amassive Reduction in search volume,
  3. Decrease in the number of keywords that you rank for
  4. Finally it could be because SERP highlights are discouraging your CTRs.

When you have not effectively done a typical traffic drop investigation and precluded the initial three causes, at that point your time is better spent doing that first. However, when you have done a traffic drop investigation and arrived at the conclusion that you're probably going to be experiencing a change in SERP highlights, at that point continue perusing.

Besides administering everything else out, other solid signs that SERP highlights are to be faulted will be a significant drop in clicks (either extensively or particularly for explicit questions) in Google Search Console where normal positioning is static, yet a close to the predictable measure of impressions.

At the point when you go through the majority of your day working on a desktop computer, now and then in this industry we overlook how many versatile commands the scene. On the desktop, the effect these have on traffic there isn't as extraordinary; yet when you head toward a mobile device, it's normal for it to bring around four full looks down before organic postings show up.

From that point, the means of managing a Google-initiated traffic drop are generally as follows:

  1. Thin down your traffic drop to the presentation of SERP highlights or expansion in paid promoting
  2. Make sense of what feature(s) you are being hit by
  3. Addition hard proof from SEO tools and performance graphs
  4. Adjust your SEO methodology appropriately

That covers stage one, so how about we proceed onward.

Make sense of what feature(s) you are being hit by
For a far-reaching rundown of all the diverse upgraded results that show up on Google, Overthink Group has reported them here. To make sense of which one is affecting you, Prism Digitalfollows the beneath steps.

Stage 2.1

Dependent on your industry, you likely as of now have a thought of which highlights you're generally vulnerable to.
Is it accurate to say that you are an online business site? Google Shopping and paid promotions will be a likely candidate
Do you will in general create a great deal of blog traffic? See who claims the included bits on your most significant questions.
Are you a media organization? Check and check whether you are getting taken out of top news results.
Do you run a postings site? Possibly you're being thumped by supported listings or Google Jobs.

Stage 2.2

From that point, once-over to make sure everything seems ok this by spot-checking the SERPs for two or three the keywords you're worried about to get a sense for what changed. When you generally realize what you're searching for when you dig into the information, it will be simpler to spot. This functions admirably for SERP highlights, yet deciding an adjustment in the measure of paid publicizing will be more enthusiastically to recognize along these lines.

Again, make certain to do this on both mobile and desktop. What may look inconsequential from your office PC screen could be indicating you an entire diverse story on your cell phone.

SEO performance graphs

When you have a high-level thought of what has transformed, you have to affirm it with SEO tools. When you approach one, an authentic rank tracking tool will be the most effective approach to dive into how your SERPs are developing. I most now and again use STAT, however other incredible tools for this are Moz's SERP highlights report, SEOmonitor, and SEMRush.

Utilizing one of these tools, glance back at authentic information (either comprehensively or for explicit significant keywords) and discover the date the SERP highlight showed up if you can. If there's a match with the date post tallying up with the performance metrics,then you can be entirely certain that is to be faulted.

Adjust your SEO strategy appropriately

You will be unable to completely recover, however here the Best SEO Tips and Tutorial you can utilize depending upon the SERP feature. Utilize these links to bounce to a particular area:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Highlighted snippets and PAA boxes
  • Local packs
  • Paid Promoting
  • Google Shopping
  • Knowledge panels and carousels
  • Google Jobs

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an undertaking supported by Google to improve the speed of mobile pages. For a great deal of these difficulties, executing AMP might be the latest tips for SEO to improve your rankings as Google SERPs keep on evolving.

When you've seen various sites with AMP actualized are positioning on the primary page of SERPs you care about, it's imaginable worth examining.

When you are a news site, executing AMP is an unquestionable requirement.

Highlighted snippets and PAA boxes

Highlighted snippets and PAA boxes

In case you're losing traffic since one of your rivals possesses the included bits on your SERPs, at that point you have to optimize your content to win highlighted bits. we've just composed a blog entry for our Distilled blog on strategies to take them previously, which you can peruse here.

However, you get an opportunity to win a highlighted snippet if:

The ones you're focusing on are truly unpredictable or as often as possible evolving hands, as that is a decent sign the proprietor doesn't have a solid hold on it

If you rank higher than the current owner, as this shows Google inclines toward your page; the structure of your substance essentially needs some tweaking to win the bit

If you've recognized some highlighted pieces you have a decent possibility of taking, look at what the current owner has finished with their content that you haven't. Ordinarily, it's things like the content heading the block of content and the format of the content that separates an included snippet owner from your content.

Google My Business + Local packs

Google local Business Services

At SearchLove London 2018, Rob Bucci shared information from STAT on local packs and search goals. Local SEO is a major zone that we can't cover completely here, however in case you're losing traffic because a local pack has given the idea that you're not being highlighted in, at that point you have to attempt to improve your Google My Business posting for the local pack if you can.

Unfortunately, it might just not be workable for you to be highlighted, however, if that it's a question you get an opportunity at showing up in local pack for, you first need to get set up on Google My Business with a connect to your site.

When you have Google My Business set up, make sure the contact and address information is right.

Reviews are unbelievably significant for anybody contending within a local pack, and not just high reviews as well as the number of reviews you've gotten is significant. You should likewise consider making Google Posts. In a ton of spaces, this component is yet to have been taken advantage of, which implies you might get a jump-off on your competitors.

Paid Promotions: Google Ads

Paid Promotions  Google Ads

More inquiries are seeing paid advertisements now, and there are additionally more advertisements showing up, per inquiry, as told in this Moz post.

In case you're losing traffic due to a competitor has set up a PPC campaign and began to offer on keywords you're ranking great for, then you may need to consider overbidding on these questions when they become essential to you.

But unfortunately, there's no genuine mystery here: it is possible that you gotta pay or you will need to move your concentration to other target inquiries.

You must have just done as such, yet if you haven't just remembered structured data for your site you have to, as it will assist you with standing out on SERPs with lots of publicizing. Wrapped into this is the need to get great reviews for your brand and your products.

Google Shopping

Paid Google Shopping

Like paid advertising, if the presence of Google Shopping sponsored ads have taken control over your SERPs, you must consider whether it's worth you building your own Google Shopping campaign.

The structured data will be a significant strategy to utilize here too. In case you're competing Google Shopping promotions, you're contending with product listings that have pictures, costs, and reviews straightforwardly in the SERP results to attract visitors. You should have the same.

Investigate getting your pages executed in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is supported by Google. Not just has Google indicated it favors pages that are in AMP, better site speed will prompt better conversion rates for your site.

To check whether executing AMP might be helpful to your business, you can go through some contextual analyses of different organizations that have done as such here.

Knowledge panels and carousels

Prism Knowledge panels graph

Knowledge panels are the most imposing of all the SERP features, except if you're a content site or, they likely take a portion of your less important traffic.

In case you're losing clicks because of knowledge panels, it's feasible occurring on inquiries that commonly can be fulfilled by speedy answers and consequently are by users who may have bounced from your site at any rate. You won't have the option to beat n knowledge panel for fast answers, yet you can optimize your content to fulfill associated longer-tail questions that clients will even now look to organic listings to find.

Make top to bottom content that responds to these inquiries and ensure that you have strong title labels and meta descriptions for these pages so you can have a superior potential for success of having out in the SERP.

Sometimes, knowledge panels might be something you can misuse for your branded search queries. There's no ensured approach to get your content included in a knowledge panel, and the data presented in them doesn't originate from your site, so they can't be "won" similarly as a featured snippet.
To get into a knowledge panel, you can have a go at utilizing structured data mark-up or attempt to get your image on Wikipedia if you haven't as of now. The Knowledge Graph depends intensely on existing databases like Wikipedia that clients directly add to, so increasing more Wikipedia articles for your brand and any close to personal brands related to it very well may be one road to explore.

Google Jobs

Google Jobs has taken up tremendous measures of organic real estate from listing sites. It will be difficult to compete, however, there are strategies you can utilize, particularly when running a specialty job board site.

Moving your digital strategy to integrate more paid to promote so you can sit above Google and to creating content in different areas, as on news sites and guidance sheets can support you.

CONCLUSION: Organic revenue will get increasingly difficult. Yet, it's not all fate and unhappiness. As Rand Fishkin noted in his Brighton SEO speech, if we make insightful SEO strategies with an eye towards the future, then we have the chance to be on top of the curve when the genuine disruption hits.

Also, we need to begin coordinating our SEO strategies with different mediums; we should be instructed on optimizing for social media, paid to advertise, and different strategies for raising brand awareness. The more versatile and assorted your online marketing systems are the better.

Google will consistently be getting smart, which just implies we need to get smarter as well.

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