How lead bots can fuel your lead generation efforts in 6 different ways

6 Useful Ways-How Chatbots Can Help Lead Generation

Leads are the backbone of your business!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 6 Ways that Lead Bots Can Fuel Your Lead Generation Efforts
    1. Lead Bots: Where users are more than only greeted and welcomed
    2. Chat Widgets and Lead Bots: A Match Made in Heaven in Marketing Aspects
    3. Plan Ahead with a Pre-Chat Survey
    4. Multilingual Lead Bots Lead the Way
    5. Start Personalized Conversations with the "Triggered Messages"
    6. Set Up a Blog Page that Attracts More than just Readers
  3. Conclusion

Leads are the eligible prospects who can become clients and envoys of your brand when you do your best. Of course, a firm may have a few significant objectives, however an enormous level of organizational objectives center around lead generation.

Lead generation marketers, especially B2C marketers, depend on a few channels to drive leads to their organizations and lift their conversion rate.

In any case, these channels don't yield results that they can count on. In case you have invested a ton of energy making content, wanting to pull in the correct leads, however despite everything you are not getting results, it tends to be disheartening. However, hear this: you are not the only one.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the lead generation tips and you will get an idea on how Prism- the lead generation agency in Dubai, simply use the Lead Bots to gear up the lead generation efforts. To gain a practical experience you can check out their pages).

In spite of the fact that chatbots may feel like simply one more prevailing fashion, at present they can be transformed into a profoundly important lead generation tool. Chatbots can assist you with boosting interaction and direct your audience to a portion of your best performing content resources and lead magnets. What's more, since chatbots let Artificial Intelligence do the hurling lifting, you can be there live for your possibilities and clients – without recruiting additional assistance.

Before getting deep into it, lets have a brief knowledge on lead bots. So, basically a lead bot is just a chatbot explicitly set up for lead generation, for example, gathering contact information from prospects and consequently qualifying leads. They take dynamic lead structures, which tailor enquires based on IP locations and cookies, above and beyond by connecting with the site guests in a conversational manner.

Mobile Marketer research proposes that around 40% of Millennials interact with chatbots every day, so normally more the number of organizations are utilizing lead bots as one of their prime lead generation strategies in their general marketing plan.

According to a recent report, the top three countries that are effectively using the chatbots to support their lead generation marketing are the United States (36%), India (11%) and Germany (4%),

As per the Juniper research, Prism also believes that effective use of Chatbot can save around 2.5 billion hours and can save $8 billion approximately by the end of 2023. Also azs per Gartner predictions, there will be more investments on Chatbots than for mobile applications development by the companies.

Before we directly bounce into the "how" version, we should get a diagram of how lead bots can fill in as each visitor’s real-time, on-demand guide. In the bigger plan of things, utilizing the lead bot can help:

  • Guide users through the conversion funnel, hence recovering and overcoming any issues in the way to buy.
  • Dispense with friction in the way and drive more prominent client value.
  • Generate important leads and set up a dedicated client base.
  • Address client questions progressively and proactively give pertinent data to the clients.
  • Link prospects with human agent as fast as could reasonably be expected so every client feels esteemed and heard by the brand.

Since we have a superior comprehension of why lead bots are a basic part of your lead-generation venture, we should bounce into the Prism’s Lead generation strategies.

The first thing that might strike every business website holder, where to place the chatbot in the website. Well, this is a crucial question to ask.

The kind of chat bot you are using will automatically direct where a chat bot ought to be set on your site. We will plot a few kinds of chat bots you should seriously consider, but before that, you should first think about your possibilities.

Where are guests in their purchaser journey? Try not to overlook this significant fact!

Presenting a lead offering chat bot on a top awareness page is certifiably not an extraordinary client experience. Match the bot to the client venture.

Top Chat Bots for the businesses to run effectively are:

  • Offer / Content Chat bot
  • Lead Qualifying Bot.
  • FAQ Chat bot
  • Knowledge Base / Resource Chat bot
  • Calendar / Meeting Chat bot

6 Ways that Lead Bots Can Fuel Your Lead Generation Efforts:

1. Lead Bots: Where users are more than only greeted and welcomed

We often say, the first impression is the last impression, and that's what matters the most. Similarly, in the rush of generating leads, we consider it to be the Welcome Message.

An invite message from the lead bot denotes the start of your relationship with a new client and successfully fills in as the primary contact point in the onboarding program. As far as the advantages, it helps support the subscriber engagement and amplifies your lead generation efforts in an easy and successful way.

As you can have a knowledge that offering a noteworthy expression at the beginning stage of the lead generation campaign can either build up or break down your sales and the marketing game. The focus is all to hold on the trust in clients, realise them really to feel welcome, and guarantee that they keep on connecting with your brand today and in near future.
The best approach to do that is to address your clients and prospects in a manner that impacts them while being consistent with your brand voice. In case, your tone is easy going, be that casual. In case you are a genuine, traditional organization, convey in that way.

Some examples to make you more particular on this.

  1. The welcome message should be always playful and most importantly should portrait a human like personality.
    So, it may go like, “Do you want to learn more on Us? Just say HELLO to get Started”
  2. The Cheapflights bot offer actionable and effective results to their client’s queries.
    Cheap flights leads bot
    More or less, having a lead bot convey an invite message when clients land on your site is significant for setting up long term relationships with the clients. You can utilize messages, questions, buttons or GIFs to make the message more interesting.
    Additionally, it makes sense to utilize this element to test offers, answer inquiries, give offers and discounts, ask a pre-qualifying question or incorporate a feedback loop.
    An inviting message establishes the pace and the image of your brand. With that in mind, adhere to this brilliant guideline while making a message that works:
    • Welcome/Greet with humor or by using potential emoticons.
    • Help to onboard with supportive recordings, guidelines, videos and tips.
    • Engage the users with offers, discounts or potentially significant data for the client.

2. Chat Widgets and Lead Bots: A Match Made in Heaven in Marketing Aspects

What if there was an approach to screen your website visitors and start proactive talks. Wouldn't so be awesome? Fortunately, there is.

You got it right. We're looking at incorporating the live chat widget with a lead bot. This smoothes out communication, yet helps in lead generation also. Likewise, broad research by HubSpot demonstrates why quick and continuous reactions — a strength of live chat services — is the need of great importance.

It is too essential to comprehend that there are various kinds of chat widgets that fill various needs for feedback, deals, sales and marketing, customer support, and so on. Though these chat widgets are not limited, yet they include:

  • General chat widget – It is the floating bubble option that appears often in the Facebook Messenger icon. This frequently utilizes the Facebook Messenger symbol since it is familiar to the vast majority of people.
    General chat widget
  • Onboarding chat widget – This is often known for the new message identification badge. When the user taps on the button, they will have the option to see the brand's logo and name. Next, they are followed by a welcome note with an invite message that welcomes them to connect with the brand in various manners.
    On boarding chat widget
  • Support chat widget – It is one of the specific widgets that regularly displays an image icon of a help rep and the normal reaction time for a client's inquiry. It says, "need assistance?" or "need help?"
    Support chat widget
  • Feedback chat widget – It is known as the floating bubble with a customized symbol and text. The user needs to tap on the button and then it directly, approaches the visitors for their feedback.
    Feedback chat widget
  • Embedded live chat widget – Indigo's live chat button "Ask Dottie" offers a large group of administrations and aims to address various types of client questions at one go.
    Embedded live chat widget

When tapped on, the chat widget opens up to show the most typical points that individuals are asking some information about.
Flight Embedded live chat widget

As believed by Lovetto Nazareth, Business Head of Prism, “Chatbots are awake and conscious every minute of every day. For site visitors who do their exploration in the odd hours, for evening people, chatbots are substantially more open than the normal sales rep. Furthermore, they are consistently cheerful regardless of what time the clock might read.”

A live chat widget is a gift from heaven for when your business or support group is not online. All the client needs to do is give the basic details, for example, name, telephone number, email address and queries. The chatbot gathers this data with the goal that the agent can contact the client and address the matter of concern at the earliest opportunity. With the live chat widget, no client questions go unanswered.

3. Plan Ahead with a Pre-Chat Survey

There is a use of a basic and clear pre-chat review. Yet, for what reason does this site welcome clients with a streamlined form? The appropriate response is way simpler than you might suspect.
Not taking help of a pre-chat survey inside your live chat efforts resembles a ship exploring without a compass — appears to be not justified, correct?

A pre-chat survey permits the visitors to enter some basic user details like name, email, telephone number with the goal that you can quickly give relevant content to the querent. So, the pre-chat review information that is gathered gets basic for the subsequent stages in your marketing and sales campaign.

Here is the detail how this element works: After you empower the pre-chat survey choice on your website page, your guests will be required to fill in some fundamental information before they can communicate with the lead bot. Then this causes you to rapidly continue the chat session to an agent who can best deal with the visitor.

The best part is utilizing this technique is that regardless of whether clients stop the discussion, you can generally utilize their contact information for further marketing efforts and more effective targeting.

The pre-chat review is a pendulum that can swing in the two different ways. Post a large number of inquiries, and the client may get angry and close the site. So, it's critical to adhere to the fundamental, basic inquiries – simply enough with the goal that the client specialist realizes how to take the discussion forward.

4. Multilingual Lead Bots Lead the Way

Taking into account that 74% of individuals are bound to purchase something from a business that offers customer support in their local language. To this it is also considered that 72% of application users are not native English speakers, so you are missing out on a great deal of potential sales by not utilizing multilingual lead bots.

In the present advanced world, where you can buy an item from most of the way over the world without any hassle, you can’t generally work under the expectation that visitors of just a single location will interface with your brand.

This is the place a multilingual lead bot proves to be useful. Here are only a portion of the advantages:

  • Actualizing a multilingual lead bot (not simply using a translation service) takes into account smoother connections in numerous languages, in this manner widening your intended audience group.
  • It leads to a sensational increment in approaching leads, subsequently improving commitment, engagement and conversions.
  • It gives you a serious edge, as not all sites offer multilingual bots, so guests from various nations and languages can connect with your site, consequently expanding the chance of their turning out to be potential clients.
  • It is a cost-effective highlight, since you don't have to enrol the people who communicate in various languages.
  • Offers a more customized client experience.

When you wish to impart more noteworthy trust and loyalty among clients also by expanding client's satisfaction, you have to communicate in your client's language.

5. Start Personalized Conversations with the "Triggered Messages"

Few out of every odd client who visits your site will go as far as possible and act in the ideal way. This is why timing and personalization are critical for re-catching and reconnecting your guests. This should handily be possible by method of triggered messages.

Now here's how this works. For say a client is attempting to leave your site and you wish to reconnect with them. Presently, being dependent on certain predefined conditions (Went to the contact page? Invested energy in the site? Didn't discover what they were searching for?), you can send robotized triggered messages to reel the customer back in, convert them into a lead, and decrease the site's bounce rate.

There are various approaches to send triggered messages. Here are a few instances of brands who utilize triggered messaging effectively in their businesses.

  • Pop-up Windows: Factoring in the perfect display time and the correct delay are basic for the pop-up window triggered message. Now and again, when the client's cursor moves off-screen (a sign that they may be leaving), a triggered pop up message is sent.
  • Chat Messages: Like different other alternatives, you have to give the client some ideal opportunities to browse through your site. The thought process is to contact clients who might not have any desire to start a discussion or target clients who you believe are thinking that it is hard to explore your site.

    Also, note that there are various types of triggers:
  1. Time sensitive
  2. Area or Location based
  3. Page URL
  4. Referral URL
  5. Client Information Specific
  6. Issue specific
  7. Repeating customer
  • Email: This strategy helps if the client has just left your site. For example, your user was using the e-commerce site and left the site keeping the products in their cart. So, here you can drop an email with triggered message reminding them about it.

Triggered messages go about as the updates and notifications for the brand, the site, the deals and offers and etc. For best outcomes, try to make it personal.

6. Set Up a Blog Page that Attracts More than just Readers

The blog segment on your site must be in excess of a road to make extraordinary content. To be honest, you can get loads of leads from your blog page.

Indeed, research suggests that organizations that bring out 16+ posts every month produce about 3.5X more traffic and 4.5X a greater number of leads than those that just distribute between 0-4.

Here is the strategy by which brands are accomplishing this astounding accomplishment:

  • Setting up a lead bot on the blog page.
  • Incorporating a convincing Call-To-Action (sign up, download, subscribe, introduce, contact, and so on.) in each and every post. Guarantee that your CTA button is visibly engaging and effectively recognizable.
  • Ensuring that the lead bot inquires as to whether they are keen on a specific subject and afterward suggesting significant sites and related blogs.
  • Offering the reader, the opportunity to enter their email address so they can get the articles straightforwardly in their mail box. Also, to sending blog posts, you can utilize email marketing to change over them into prospective clients.
  • Collaborating with the audience and offering items/ services with special limited offers, which builds the probability of getting the new lead.

CONCLUSION: Taking into account that 96% of organizations accept that chatbots are digging in for the long stay, we trust this article has responded well to the inquiry: "To lead bot or not to lead bot."

Incorporating live chat highlights with your current bot can be effective for drawing in your possibilities by directing your visitors through the channel, producing significant leads, tending to client inquiries progressively in real time every day and proactively giving applicable data to clients. It will likewise set aside your time and cash.

It is assumed by end of 2020, 80% of the companies will be using the chat bots to grow their business, make sure that you are the part of that 80%. Since you have a superior comprehension of why lead bots are a fundamental part of your lead-generation strategies this year, it's an ideal opportunity to begin!

Lovetto Nazareth

About The Author : Lovetto Nazareth

Lovetto Nazareth is a digital marketing consultant and agency owner of Prism Digital. He has been in the advertising and digital marketing business for the last 2 decades and has managed thousands of campaigns and generated millions of dollars of new leads. He is an avid adventure sports enthusiast and a singer-songwriter. Follow him on social media on @Lovetto Nazareth

Lovetto Nazareth

About The Author: Lovetto Nazareth

Lovetto Nazareth, owner of Prism Digital, brings over two decades of experience in advertising and digital marketing. Renowned for managing countless successful campaigns, he has generated millions in new leads. An avid adventure sports enthusiast and singer-songwriter, follow his diverse pursuits on social media @LovettoNazareth.