9 Techniques to Make Your Social Media Presence More Prominent.

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The advantages of increasing your social media presence are numerous. You should optimize your social media channels to increase traffic to your website if you plan to create one for your company. Additionally, a stronger social media presence aids in expanding brand recognition and attracting new customers.

Look for targeted techniques to improve your social media presence rather than publishing at random on your social media accounts. We'll go through 9 various strategies that each company can employ to start boosting its presence in this article.

What is the  definition of a social media presence?

How visible your brand is on social media platforms is referred to as social media presence. It also relates to how a firm presents itself on social media, going beyond just how prominent your brand is on such platforms. This kind of presence is critical to the development of your brand because it aids in the creation of your company's identity and enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. You may establish a more enduring relationship with your audience if you have more trust in them.

Determine your social media objectives

Setting your goals is crucial before you start implementing any of your social media marketing strategies. Setting SMART objectives for specific milestones you want to reach is a smart approach to do this.

Let's examine how setting SMART goals might help you become more visible on social media. Say, for instance, that one of your objectives is to increase visitors to your website through social media by 30%. Your goal-setting process will look something like this:


Increase website traffic by using Instagram advertising that are specifically targeted.


To determine the sources of website traffic, we'll track metrics on Google Analytics.


Considering our budget and schedule, our 30% goal is achievable.


Achieving this objective will increase website traffic and increase social media brand awareness for our company.


We've given ourselves till the end of the following quarter to complete this task.

Early on in the development of your social media strategy, setting your goals will direct you and give each post you publish a purpose.

Study your audience.

Knowing your audience well will enable you to generate content that is more likely to capture their interest and earn their trust, thus one of your goals as a business should be knowing specific details about your audience.

You need to make it your business to know what your audience is upto, what they’re looking for and use it to your advantage, preferred social media channels, and issues that your business may help them with. Create a buyer persona, which is a profile of your ideal target consumer that includes all of these components, as a great way to start getting to know your customers.

Pay attention to the metrics offered by social media platforms as well as analytics dashboards like Google Analytics to help you gain insights into your audience. If you want to narrow down your target audience, look at their demographics, age, interests, and the platforms they utilize.

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Study audience engagement techniques.

Whenever you put out a post on a platform, watch and see what happens, take notes of multiple posts to curate accurate results. Every post you make should aim to engage your audience by encouraging them to take action, regardless of the platform it is on. You want your audience to be as involved as possible, whether that's loving an image, viewing a video, leaving a comment, or clicking on a link. To determine where to concentrate your efforts, pay attention to the types of material that your audience finds to be most engaging and the kind that evoke less of a response.

Giving your audience a simple task to do is a good method to enhance social media engagement. They might do it by voting in an Instagram story poll or submitting questions for a Q&A session.

Maintain your brand identity

On social media, it's important to adapt to your audience's tastes, but the challenge is doing so while being faithful to your brand. On social media, your brand’s communication and uniqueness of voice are important, so you want to make sure that every piece of content you publish is consistent with your identity. The way you post on one social media platform should be similar to the way you post on another, you can’t have two platforms portraying two completely different ideas, tone of voice to mention but a few.

Maintain authenticity.

Most people want to follow companies they can trust and that portray their most authentic self. You can interact to your customers as though they're friends, feature your staff on your social media accounts to humanize your brand, discuss the origins and development of your company, and acknowledge wrongdoing or offer an apology.

Have a content calendar.

Maintain a content calendar that’s a month in advance, this helps you to avoid last minute creatives and random posting. This will assist you in maintaining consistency with your postings, planning any seasonal or holiday-themed content in advance, and assisting you in avoiding posting redundant or last-minute content.

A posting plan is a smart approach to organize your strategy, produce material that supports your objectives, and schedule it. Make sure your material is consistent throughout all of your social media platforms, especially if you're posting to several of them, and avoid having any significant gaps in your posting schedule.

Expand to new media outlets.

As the most widely used social media sites, Instagram and Facebook Marketing are likely where you should start. However, after you get rolling, you should think about expanding to other social networks.

It would be in your best advantage to start producing material for YouTube once you have a better understanding of your audience because you might discover that they prefer long-form video content to photographs. Or perhaps you want to connect with them on LinkedIn since they are more likely to be business people who don't use apps like Tik Tok or Instagram. You might think about using a number of social networking platforms.

Seek  relationships instead of followers

Gaining more Instagram followers shouldn't be your main objective, but having a large following may allow you access to additional services on various platforms, such as clickable links on Instagram Stories. Instead, focus more on developing connections with your current followers and acquiring new ones.

You may communicate with your customers via social media. Here you'll build trust with your audience, turn followers into brand ambassadors, and communicate with them directly.

Post often

Finally, you must continuously post on every platform where your business is present for any of these social media marketing advice to be effective and help you strengthen your online presence. Make sure you produce new content on a regular basis by finding a posting frequency that both you and your audience enjoy.

It can entail scheduling articles for different days of the week, such as user-generated content on Fridays or new product releases on Mondays, or it might even mean posting at roughly the same time every day.

It will take time to achieve your objectives for growing your social media presence, but if you post consistently and stay engaged on all of your channels, you'll find that you get there gradually.

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