Best Ways to Use Snapchat for Your Small Business 2021

Snapchat marketing Strategy 2021

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  1. What Is Snapchat?
  2. Why Is It Important as A Social Media Platform?
  3. How Is Snapchat beneficial?
  4. How to make the best use of SnapChatfor your business?
  5. Why is snapchat amazing for your marketing

It has been a decade since Snapchat launched itself. Today the company has a [user base]of 218 million people across the globe! Companies and digital marketing agencies have adapted to the boom in the digital space and are making use of social media platforms to promote products and services to the audience. However, Snapchat, in a way, stands apart from the crowd of other social media platforms.

According to [Statista] , Snapchat follower number increased from 218 to 249 million in the first quarter of 2020. As you read this and with us reaching the end of the last quarter of the year, this number has grown multi-fold. The target market of this platform falls anywhere between the ages of 12 and 34.

Before we dive into how to make the best of Snapchat, let’s find out everything we can about this platform.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform headed by the co-founder Evan Spigel. It is a mobile app that is compatible with both android and iOS devices. The app was created with the basic concept of sharing a picture, video or a text that by default becomes unavailable to the receiver after a certain period.

This form of interaction was created to keep the conversation, flowy, natural and temporary. It began with sharing one-on-one photo sharing between individuals which later incorporated businesses into the picture. Today, one can create and share multitudes of media such as short videos, live video chats, messaging and various avatars of oneself on an aspect of Snapchat known as ‘story’ on the platform.

Why Is It Important as A Social Media Platform?

Snapchat Marketing Tips 2021

We have mega-sized social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that advertising agencies and others make use of to create stories and run ads on.

So then why should businesses opt for Snapchat?

Here are three reasons why Snapchat is more important as a social media platform:

  1. Ever-Growing Audience

    In comparison to Facebook, the audience on Snapchat has been growing every day, whereas Facebook experienced stagnancy in the last few years with only the older generation joining this platform. Gen Z across the world are joining and creating content on Snapchat every single day that makes this platform a booming arena that businesses need to tap if they haven’t yet already.

  2. Innovative Partnerships With Influencers

    Snapchat can be used as an innovative platform to be made use of by collaborating with influencers. Partner with a strong influencer in the domain of your industry and let them take over your feed for one day. Such strategies are a great way to let your business grow as also piggyback on the existing audience of the influencer.

    Snapchat Marketing for Small Business

  3. Create Behind The Scenes Footage For Your Customers

    Snapchat with its various filters and its fun-to-view features allows users to provide the audience with a memorable and immersive experience into how your product or service was formed. It's an excellent tool for creating a behind-the-scenes experience for clients.

How Is Snapchat beneficial?

Snapchat Marketing infographic

Social media management  platforms are no longer built with the mindset of bridging the gap between two people. It is built keeping in mind that these platforms need to be accessible for businesses, advertising as well as marketing purposes.

A few ways in which Snapchat can be beneficial are:

  • Top Of Mind Recall … forever

    There is so much content to read, listen and watch today that it is easy for your company’s content to get lost. Furthermore, the attention span of the viewer today has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This means that innovation and creativity are what is going to get the audience’s attention today and hold it there.

    Staying on top of mind is a necessity for businesses to get successful, and this is where social media platforms like Snapchat come into the picture.

  • Creatively Build Brand Awareness

    Brands are finding innovative ways to market their brands, and social media is a brilliant place to display your creativity. With things like filters, stories and discovery, Snapchat is a platform that gives brands ample of options to display their creativity and promote the business.

  • Create User-Generated Feed

    User-generated feed refers to the field that the users build promoting the brand instead of the brand promoting itself. Snapchat, along with influencers, can help business build a great user-generated feed that works in favour of the company.

  • SnapchatAdvertising

    Snapchat campaigns across the years have displayed its various advertising capabilities that were missed by companies unaware of the same. Those that made use of it, such as [Taco Bell Cinco De Mayo] and [Doritos] experienced its benefits on their brand.

How to make the best use of Snapchat for your business?

  • Regular Posting Of Stories

    One your business is on Snapchat you need to ensure that it is active and remains so every single day. The best way to do this by adding content to your story every day as the ones that you post disappear after 24 hours. Add fresh content to your story every day so that your target audience always has something to look forward to.

  • Create A Personalised Filter

    Snapchat has built-in varied types of filters into its platform. Users like to post selfies with different filters on it. Create a filter that resonates with the audience and remains in the minds of the user they can associate with your business.

    For example, Gatorade used this strategy during Super Bowl 50, and it turned out to be a successful Snapchat campaign to be on the record.

  • Post Content Relevant To The Business

    Your snaps need to be images that are relevant to the business you are looking to promote. Uploading random and unrelated content will hardly help your business. You could speak of anything under the sun on social media marketing platforms, so long as it is related and about your business.

Why is Snapchat Amazing for your Marketing

Snapchat is growing in popularity, and your company needs to join this bandwagon if it hasn’t already. Once your account is active, engagement is what will drive traffic to your profile. Snapchat and any other social media platform are used to make your business better to bring in more sales. Use the tips provided above and start engaging with your audience. What are you waiting for?

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